The latest tidbits about Trump’s and the numerous Demi-Nomi-Wannabes’ campaigns.

2019_05 Trump Offense

TRUMP APPROVAL: Highest ever – The latest Zogby Poll put Trump’s approval rating at 51%.

Jonathan Zogby said that the president is riding a booming economy and could be hard to beat should the nation’s economic health continue to improve.

2019_05 13 Biden MAGA

BIDEN: Make America Great Again – “I’m running for three reasons. I wanna restore the soul of this country and secondly and I wanna quite frankly rebuild the backbone of this country…the middle class, and thirdly what I want to do is … unite the country.”

FAUXCAHONTAS: Make Attacking-The-Press Great Again Remember when Trump calling CNN “fake news” was an unconstitutional assault on the freedom of the press?

Elizabeth Warren has declared war on Fox News. She turned down a Fox News invitation Tuesday for a televised town hall, saying she didn’t want to lend Fox News credibility or boost its revenue. Then she launched a social media fund raiser based on the premise that her decision made her some kind of SJW, standing firm against the evil Fox empire.

2019_05 14 Bernie tweet

BERNIE: In 2016, young voters like AOC helped propell Bernie’s surprising challenge to then-Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. But his approval among 18-29 year olds has dropped from a high of 46% to 33% today.

BULLOCK: His #1 accomplishment is that his kids still know he’s a good dad? – Okay. Yeah. Sure.

I’m reminded of when Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska. Her ACES legislation got Alaskans annual pay-outs of cash money from the oil and gas industries that make big bucks off of Alaska’s natural resources. They’re still getting them!

SWALWELL: Eric’s campaign platform“Orange Man Bad.”

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