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Yesterday, I turned 65, so I am now officially a senior citizen. Finally, I have an excellent excuse for being an airhead! ::heehee:: I had a very excellent birthday. Lots of love from all around. I’m very blessed.

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A Few Sun Facts

happy sun

Scientist have now shown that sunscreen chemicals soak all the way into the bloodstream. But the Food and Drug Administration has never tested how they might mess up people’s hormones, affect their reproductive systems, or cause cancer.

Wait, wut?! My grandkids get slathered with the stuff on a regular basis! Ack! I’m chemically hypersensitive, so I’m always inclined to lean heavily on “Don’t Trust Chemicals.”

But my brother died of a malignant melanoma. And Hubby Dearest has vitiligo; patches of his skin and hair are white. His still-Italian-pigmented skin tans beautifully every summer, but what I call his “pinto patches” turn pink, including the entire back of his neck. Continue reading

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