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BENNET: Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has announced that he too is in the race – Like the rest of the Democrats, he has a 100% pro-abortion voting record, supports abortions up to birth, and helped block the Born Alive vote.


Biden LOL

BIDEN: Transparency? — Freelance reporter Marcus DiPaola tweeted that at least three reporters have had Biden’s people physically block them and/or their cameras from accessing their candidate. Clearly, Slow Joe doesn’t want to talk about how he used his position as VP to get favors for his sons from foreign governments.

2019_05 03 CNN jobs

BERNIE: One-percenter Bernie Sanders campaigned in Iowa  “When we talk about the economy, it is not just the relatively low unemployment rate,” Bernie says. “You got millions of people paying 40, 50, 60% of their limited incomes on housing.”

You know Sanders is full of it when even Trump-hating CNN has to admit the jobs market is excellent. Plus, his “solution” to this would be to make millions of people pay 40, 50, 60% of their limited incomes on taxes.

beto loser

BETO: From Margaret Carlson at Daily Beast – “Beto O’Rourke has flamed out. It’s not just me saying it. Polls have shown him slipping for weeks and on Wednesday Quinnipiac confirmed the worst. The one-time wonder Beto O’Rourke is at 5 percent, behind every other first-tier candidate.

“You can thank, or blame, women who make up almost 58 percent of the primary electorate for Beto’s decline. Disproportionately, they don’t like him. According to my unscientific poll asking every woman I see, Beto reminds them of the worst boyfriend they ever had.”

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