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VENEZUELA – The Maduro regime has violated human rights on a massive scale, leaving hundreds of peaceful opponents dead, and it has led Venezuela into economic catastrophe.

The Washington Post editorial board called out those — including some in the American media — who referred to President Guaido’s movement as a “coup attempt.”

That language echoes the Maduro dictatorship’s propaganda. In reality, President Guaido was duly elevated by Venezuela’s National Assembly and has pledged to restore free and fair elections once Maduro is removed.

SOCIALISM: “You can vote your way in, but you’ll have to shoot your way out.” – As another socialist experiment draws to a close in bloody violence, Venezuelan collapse seems to have no impact on the American Socialists who strive to take over the Democratic party, and then the country.

When will they learn the lesson that socialists schemes inevitably end in starvation, chaos and military force against the commoners politicians pretend to love?

Catholic social teaching

CATHOLIC TEACHING on SOCIALISM: Three great encyclicals have addressed the evils of Socialism.

  • Pope Leo XIII’s 1891 Rerum Novarum (Capital and Labor)
  • Pope Pius XI’s 1931 Quadragesimo Anno (Reconstruction of the Social Order)
  • John Paul II’s 1991 Centesimus Annus (The Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum)

All three say that socialism, in general, is evil, because of its strong impetus toward:

  • extreme governmental control, including the confiscation of private property,
  • a disregard for the true nature of the human being,
  • an exaggerated emphasis on material things, and
  • a lack of recognition of the importance of charity, personal motivation and the family.

trump sues

TRUMP SUES: President Trump, his family and the Trump Organization Monday sued Deutsche Bank and Capital One to prevent the companies from complying with Congressional subpoenas which his attorneys say are groundless efforts “to rummage through every aspect of his personal finances, his businesses, and the private information of the President and his family, and to ferret about for any material that might be used to cause him political damage.”

MEDIA: They’re not biased! – Just ask them.

dead baby

ABORTION: House blocks Born Alive bill for 35th time – Meanwhile, a 17-year-old Texas teenager has been charged with capital murder. Just minutes after giving birth, she repeatedly stabbed her baby, then dumped the body in a neighbor’s shed and went back to sleep. Twelve hours later, a 13-year-old boy entered the shed and made the grisly discovery. Oy vey.

kill them now

ABORTION: Kill them now, kill them later, meh – An Alabama state lawmaker issued a truly disturbing statement during a Democratic filibuster on the House floor before a pro-life bill overwhelmingly passed.

Some kids are unwanted. So you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair.” – State Rep. John Rogers (D)

Predictably, the media ignored the heinous remark in favor of condemning those who condemned it.

teen suicide

TEEN SUICIDE: Encouraging a culture of death has real consequences – A new study found that an increase in suicide rates among U.S. boys age 10-17 in April 2017 correlates with the release of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” in 2017.

The show depicted a teenage girl’s suicide following the recovery of a box of cassette tapes she left behind detailing the 13 reasons why she decided to kill herself.


COVINGTON UPDATE: Attorneys for Nicholas Sandmann are filing a $275 million lawsuit against NBCUniversal, alleging “NBCUniversal created a false narrative by portraying the ‘confrontation’ as a ‘hate crime’ committed by Nicholas.”

How minimum wage works


Although fast-food workers across the country have been driving the fight for a higher minimum wage, a survey shows it ends up hurting them.

The majority of restaurant operators respond to minimum wage hikes by cutting JOBS, cutting HOURS, and RAISING prices.

2019_04 30 Babbel Tucker

FOX NEWS REPLIES: “The millions of unduplicated viewers watching Tucker Carlson Tonight are extremely valuable to our advertisers. Our audience is not only deeply loyal to the brand, but to our top tier partners as well, of which Babbel is not one.

We will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson’s to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the intolerant partisan activists Media Matters, Sleeping Giants and whose only goal is to silence conservative thought they don’t agree with.”

Tolkien communion

TOLKIEN BIOPIC: Misses the mark – The new biopic on J.R.R. Tolkien ignores the author’s devout Catholic faith. Tolkien’s family has disavowed the film, saying it is not accurate.

smollett empire

SMOLLETT: Fox Entertainment’s “Empire” is getting a sixth season – Actor Jussie Smollett likely won’t be on the show much, if at all.

CAT Unless life also give you

CAT waking up PN

CAT weekend


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