Biden Vows to Return Nation to Era When Press Didn’t Bother Reporting on President’s Scandals

From The Babylon Bee.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Speaking on The View, presidential candidate Joe Biden promised to bring the nation back to an era when the media pretended the president didn’t have any scandals.

Biden pointed out that nowadays there’s a new presidential scandal every day on the news, some real, some invented.

“Back when I was in office, we had plenty of scandals, but it was much nicer, because the media just didn’t report on them,” he said. “It was a lot more pleasant to watch the news. The press just told you everything was fine in the White House.”

The former vice president listed off numerous scandals the Obama administration had, such as targeting political enemies with the IRS, Operation Fast & Furious, spying on opposing political campaigns, and bombing foreign countries around the clock without a declaration of war.

“I mean, can you believe the mainstream media didn’t touch those?” he said, laughing. “I was sure they’d nail us on something. But nope. We were in the clear.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have that false sense that your leaders are moral again?” he said wistfully.

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2 responses to “Biden Vows to Return Nation to Era When Press Didn’t Bother Reporting on President’s Scandals

  1. Woke up early Sunday morning, went to the loo, glancing down at my bare right foot, the image of Hillary appeared on my big toe. A bit startled & considered why. Then back in bed, then realized I had lucid dream the night before. Me & mates were on an expedition and there was a troll on the loose. Friend with knowledge of what it liked to eat said, “they’re not going to like this, it likes toes, the bigger the better.” So who is the biggest/greatest troll on earth, our blessed President. And today with Barr, I’m getting the sense that the Dems are realizing the pickle they’re going to be in.

    God bless!