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JONATHAN CAHN: April 26, 2019 – In the End Times, men will be lovers of self and money. Sound familiar?

Trump's economy

TRUMP ECONOMY: President Trump is winning the trade war – During the first quarter of 2019, the pace of American exports rose, while the rate of imports fell. Due in part to this shrinking trade gap, the US economy grew by 3.2%. Economists had predicted 2.5%.

2d AMENDMENT: During his speech at the annual NRA convention Friday, President Trump officially signed the order to withdraw the USA from the United Nations “small arms treaty.” The treaty was signed by Obama several years ago, but it was never ratified by the Senate.

2019_04 26 Hogg Jesus

DAVID HOGG IS AN IDIOT: In addition to tweeting out his ignorance about Christianity, Hogg also tweeted out a map of the U.S. military’s 36 code-named operations in Africa with a snarky comment about what U.S. military imperialism looks like.

  • Apparently, he thought he was getting in another brilliant dig at Trump, but they were all Obama-era operations.
  • He also ignored the fact that we went in to help African nations fight off terrorists who were murdering native populations and then we LEFT. Hence, not “imperialism.”
  • He also casually smeared all the American soldiers who risked and, in some cases, gave their lives selflessly to make the world a better place.

Hogg is heading off the Harvard where he will lower the average IQ of the student body by several points.

ABORTION: Wins and losses

  1. MICHIGAN — In the April 25, 2019 video above Pro-abortion Democrats serving on Michigan’s Families, Children, and Seniors committee were speechless after veteran pro-life activist Dr. Monica Miller gave an impassioned testimony against dismemberment abortion at the Michigan state capitol. The link to Hodari abortion dumpster photos is below.
  2. OKLAHOMA Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed a bill into law requiring abortion centers that sell the dangerous abortion pill to inform women that there is a process to reverse its effects and save their baby should they change their minds after taking it.
  3. KANSAS — The state Supreme Court handed down a devastating ruling for the rights of unborn babies this week. It says there is a right to abortion in the state constitution.
  4. FEDERAL — A second federal judge appointed by pro-abortion President Barack Obama has blocked the new rules President Donald Trump put in place to defund Planned Parenthood.

THE GOLDEN STATE KILLER: Who he is, what he did, and how they caught him — This is long, but I found it well worth the time.


HUNGARY: Pro-family policies work – In 2010, pro-family conservatives won a two-thirds majority and began instituting a comprehensive family-support system, a family-friendly tax system, a housing program, 800,000 new jobs, and many opportunities to create a balance between life and work. Since then, Hungary has seen marriage rates increase by 43% and divorce rate drop by 23%.



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