2019_11-15 Monmouth poll

2019_04 26 Biden scandal

BIDEN: “Not one whisper of scandal” – Except for Spygate, Russiagate, Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal, the AP phone records scandal, the VA scandal, Benghazi, Hatch Act violations …

Felon voting

BETO: Maybe he was just fleeing an “unjust law” — Until now, O’Rourke has denied trying to flee the scene of a 1998 collision he caused while driving drunk. The former police officer who arrested him says he did.

KAMALA: She said teachers don’t need guns, they need a raise “I’d like to tell Kamala that she didn’t have a daughter on that third floor praying for her life, and no one came to save her when there was multiple teachers on that floor who could have saved her. And my daughter was shot nine times, okay?”

Satanic Temple

THE SATANIC TEMPLE: It’s the perfect religion for progressives – Founded in 2013, it isn’t a religion so much as an anti-religious political movement. You can believe anything you want, as long as you hate what Donald Trump, Christians and conservatives believe.

Unlike the Church of Satan, The Satanic Temple doesn’t even believe in a supernatural entity called Satan. Instead, they celebrate Satan as “the ultimate rebel”, and they relish in using the symbol of Satan to greatly upset Christians.

This reminds me of the old saying, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics in interested in you.” Members of The Satanic Temple may not be interested in the supernatural, but the supernatural is interested in them.

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