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2019_04 15 ND Jesus and His Church

2019_04 17 Marble run

MASCOTS: Bootz LOVES to play with the marble run. We have one too. Next visit, they’re going to bring theirs and see if they fit together so we can make a GIANT run. 🙂

FLOTUS and SLOTUS: Visited Fort Bragg – “The United States Military is a national treasure . . . Thank you to Fort Bragg for welcoming us and letting us inside this tight-knit and admirable community of true heroes.” – Mrs. Trump

“Our nation’s military service members and their families deserve our care and respect. I am always honored to have the opportunity to spend time with those who serve and work tirelessly to protect our freedoms.” – Mrs. Pence

Upon arrival, Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Pence were greeted by several Generals and their spouses, then had an opportunity to witness elite capability demonstrations from members of the Army Special Operations.

In honor of April as the Month of the Military Child, Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Pence also visited a student assembly at Albritton Middle School on Fort Bragg. After the school’s chorus performed a welcoming song, the First Lady and Second Lady took questions from the student body.

HATE CRIME: Legal immigrant beaten for wearing a MAGA hat – Police found the two assailants, both of whom are black. The are in custody and facing charges.

Hallelujah the windows survived

NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL, PARIS: Started in 1163, the cathedral took two centuries to build. Read about this magnificent example of Gothic religious architecture @ the cathedral’s website:

RELIGION OF PEACE: On March 29, 2019, Qatari sociologist Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari uploaded a video to the Al-Mojtama YouTube channel in which he gave a demonstration and explanation about how to beat your wife in an Islamically permissible fashion. SO good to know that Muhammad forbade hitting women anywhere on the head or face. Smacking is admirable, because women like “violent and and powerful husbands.” But the hitting must only begin after the husband has shouted at his wife (called “advising her”) and refused to sleep with her. Also, it must not leave bruises or cause bleeding. Aren’t we all glad to know that Islam teaches a man how to properly “discipline” his wife, because it is such a merciful and compassionate religion?

Muslim refugees and welfare

MUSLIM REFUGEES: The statistics in the chart are provided by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The ORR figures defined refugees from the “Middle East” as being from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.

nerd prom

NERD PROM: President Trump is again spurning the White House Correspondents’ Association annual black-tie dinner known as the “nerd prom.” He’ll be holding a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin instead.

CALIFORNIA SUCKS: We are NOT the ones dumping plastic in the oceans. Why don’t these MORONS do something about their REAL problems. E.g., typhus in Los Angeles. Or San Francisco in general where the homeless population of 7,500 people who use drugs openly and poop wherever they please.


MARIJUANA: It’s not harmless “The studies are very clear that not only is marijuana addictive in and of itself, but desensitizes the brain to more harmful substances,” said Jeff Berger, the medical director for Guest House, a Michigan rehab center for priests.

  • 17% of those who begin marijuana use in adolescence become addicted.
  • 25-50% of daily users become addicted to the drug.
  • Frequent use is linked to cognitive impairment and an average IQ drop of about ten points.
  • People who use regularly are more likely to have dropped out of school, generally have lower incomes, and are more likely to be on welfare and unemployed.

CAT compassion

CAT cat lady starter kit

CAT reporter - sent to KK

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