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2019_04 16 Notre Dame altar cross

GOD’S IN CHARGE: Amidst the rubble, the smoke and the darkness, gleams the Altar and the Cross.

2019_04 16 Notre Dame by Lisa Benson

NOTRE DAME: French president says they plan to rebuild – French billionaires have pledged $450 million to restore Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral following the devastating fire on Monday evening.

FAKE NEWS and HATE: After Paul Joseph Watson outed people who were posting smiley faces about the fire, Buzzfeed lied about what he’d done. So Watson made this video in which he showed up close exactly who was celebrating the fire.

Watson repeats the so-far official position that the Notre Dame fire was accidental. I’m not buying it; the entire church was fully involved too fast and nobody can investigate a fire while it’s still burning. Sheesh.

2018 French churches vandalized

Countless churches throughout Western Europe are being vandalized, defecated on, and torched every day. In 2018, 875 French churches and 59 cemeteries were vandalized and a further 129 churches reported thefts from the premises in 2018. This rate has continued into 2019.

It is believed that the perpetrators have been radical leftists and Muslims, both of the groups Watson shows were celebrating the Notre Dame fire. If these were mosques, the Left would be out for blood. As it is, they’re protecting the fact that the perps are Muslim or Leftists, all the while persecuting Christians teachings as hateful and violent.


2019_04 16 San Fran Nan by Branco

BORDER: New York City is a designated “sanctuary city.” Hypocritical New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has threatened to sue the Trump administration if they send illegals to his ‘burg.

Sen. Lindsey Graham plans to introduce a legislative package – “I’m tired of talking about this problem. I want to fix it. I think all Americans should want both parties to fix this problem.”

They should, but they clearly they don’t. The problem has been with us for many administrations and congresses, both Republican and Democrat. The swamp never wanted to fix it, because some powerful people benefit.

Trump doesn’t care what swampers or the new uber Left thinks. He wants what’s best for America.

2019_04 16 AOC and Nancy

NANCY SLAMS AOC: San Fran Nan is more than sick of the media’s Leftist darling and former bartender, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — On 60 Minutes, she said, “AOC and her group … that’s like five people.” With USA Today, she said, “While there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers, what’s important is that we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the House.” And at the London School of Economics, she dismissed AOC’s election, saying her district is so liberal that a “glass of water would win with a D next to its name.”

OBAMA Twilight Zone president

OBAMA-CLINTON CORRUPTION: The Justice Department announced that they will release the 400-page Mueller Report on Thursday. Portions of the report that will be redacted include: grand jury material, foreign intelligence, and derogatory information about people who were not charged.

Judicial Watch has sued the FBI to obtain the FOIA records they requested on September 27, 2018. The records have to do with communications with and payments to Christopher Steele, author of the infamous Trump Dossier.

2d circuit map

2d CIRCUIT TO FLIP: Judge Christopher Droney said that he is retiring from active service, giving President Trump the opportunity to flip the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to a one-seat Republican majority. Judge Droney was appointed by President Obama to the Second Circuit, which covers New York, Connecticut, and Vermont.

HATE SPEECH: Antifa Philadelphia went into overdrive when they heard Candace Owens was coming to speak at Upenn. They tweeted outrage, suggested where people could guy balloons and coyote urine to throw at her, and defaced the posters advertising the speech. When she arrived, they stalked and harassed her across campus.

splc hate

SPLC: Social media giant Twitter has quietly severed ties with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) amid mounting reports of scandal within the organization and insider claims that SPLC’s “hate” monitoring is a money-making scam.

2019_04 16 Marine crawls

GO, GREEN: A former Marine ran the Boston Marathon in the memory of three fallen comrades who died in 2010. His legs gave out in mile 22. He crawled the rest of the way! Cuz, you know, MARINES!


NUTRITION: Most people think more about vitamins and antioxidants than minerals for good health, but the vitamins you get from your food and supplements can’t work properly in your body without minerals. Take vitamin D, for example. It cannot do its many jobs in the body without adequate magnesium.

REAL SIGN Wet paint sign PN

SCIENCE I thought I was pretty cool

SCIENCE Your shadow - sent to KK

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