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2019 Trump election strategy

TRUMP’S 2020 WAR CHEST: This should have Democrats shaking in their boots – President Trump’s re-election campaign raised $30.3 million in the first quarter of this year. Nearly 99 percent of the donations were $200 or less; the average donation was a mere $34.26. That’s what you call grassroots support! Trump’s war chest currently has $40.8 million cash on hand, an unprecedented amount for an incumbent president this early in the campaign.

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NUTRITION: Beware of headlines!

supplements v food

I was very interested in recent headlines like this one,There’s even more evidence that taking supplements is a waste of money — and could be harmful to your health.”

Uhhhhhhh … no.

What the study cited ACTUALLY FOUND was that:

  • Dietary supplement use is not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet in otherwise healthy people;
  • Taking mega doses can harm your health.

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Bits & Bytes

Taxes Roman 13 6-7

TAX DAY: Thanks to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which Republicans passed before Democrats got their claws on the House majority again, four out of ever five taxpayer saw a reduction in their tax bill this year. Continue reading

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