Clinton Contractor Described Cover-up

Judicial Watch has continued to pursue its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits and turn up new dirt. Here is the latest.

2015 Hillary cover up

Dec. 11, 2014 email exchange between two unidentified officials in the Denver-based Platte River Networks firm that serviced the personal email system used by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for both personal and official diplomatic business:

  • “Thoughts on what to do with [name redacted].”
  • Its all part of the Hillary coverup operation. 🙂 I’ll have to tell you about it at the party.”

Clinton email by Varvel

June 27, 2015 email from an unidentified individual working with an inspector from the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General to a Department of State official:

  • “I have personally reviewed hundreds of documents in the HRC collection. I can now say, without reservation, that there are literally hundreds of classified emails in this collection; maybe more.”

Hillary above the law

Clinton has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing with the private email system, which included a server located in a bathroom in the New York mansion she shares with former President Bill Clinton.

  • A year after leaving her post as Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department an estimated 30,000 emails that her attorney David Kendall and members of her State Department staff claimed dealt with official business.
  • But first she had Platte River Networks destroy 32,000 emails on her server with a program called BleachBit, that she assured us were all personal. There was no prior independent government review.
  • If any of the destroyed emails concerned official U.S. diplomatic business or any other aspect of Clinton’s actions as secretary of state, each of them would represent a potential violation of federal laws and regulations concerning the preservation of official documents.

Little Hillary

The newly obtained documents also show that, on multiple occasions, the Clinton political appointee responsible for maintaining the private Clinton email system told a senior Clinton aide about problems with viruses and brute force attacks.

  • Critics have long claimed that Clinton’s private email system was vulnerable to being compromised by foreign governments, especially those of Russia and China, which operate extremely large and sophisticated digital hacking operations that target the U.S. government agencies and officials, prominent individuals in the political campaign world, and big corporations.

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