Trump 1: Lefties 0

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The courts have imposed a 20-day detention limit for those we allow across the border. After that, these people must be released into the U.S., mostly into cities on or near the border.

A majority of asylum-seekers are not eligible for asylum and they know it. Once they’re released, they never show up for their hearings.

To stop this process, Trump negotiated with Mexico to have asylum-seeking migrants wait in Mexico while their asylum cases are processed.

Mexico has been cooperating with it.

But on April 9, a U.S. district court judge in, you guessed it, California said Trump can’t make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico.

The judge gave the Trump administration until April 12 to appeal for a stay; otherwise, the admission and subsequent release of thousands of pending asylum claimants into the U.S. would have to begin.

On April 11, The Washington Post reported on a proposal being discussed within the administration to bus asylum-seekers to sanctuary cities.

It’s not actually unfair to suggest that their release be spread around to cities further north. And sanctuary cities have already declared their open-hearted, open-armed love for non-citizens who just want “a better life” (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers).

But leading Democrats and open-borders advocates had TDS-driven NIMBY fits at the idea. They called Trump’s proposal to bless their oh-so-humanitarian cities with bus-loads of unemployed illegals a “threat.”

  • How DARE he use a form of “political retribution”!
  • It was “cruel.”
  • He was “throwing a tantrum.”

Whatever happened to the sanctuary mantras? Immigration drives economic growth. More immigrants mean more businesses, more jobs, more vitality, more hope.

Never mind that the last time we had this kind of illegal border flooding, Obama had them flown around the country in chartered jetliners, then paid the Catholic Church to bus them on to additional destinations, some of which included sanctuary cities. Obama was a saint! Trump is eeevil!!

At 4:45 p.m., on April 12, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocked the prior order to halt keeping asylum seekers in Mexico. The appeals court has given the administration until next Wednesday to argue further for a stay that would remain in place until the actual appeal is heard.

Okay, so maybe the Circus Court would’ve given Trump the stay without him threatening to dump even more indigents on Nancy Pelosi’s rapidly failing home town. ::coughcough::


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