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It’s been a while.

First, I want to thank Almighty God for keeping us safe during our latest challenges. My wife was out with her friend last Saturday when she lost her balance and fell backwards, hitting her head, which required 9 staples to close the wound. Sunday as I was going to visit her an SUV cut into my lane., I swerved to avoid hitting it and in so doing I destroyed my car and another parked car. I got some bumps and bruises but I’ll be OK.

I took her home yesterday and got a call from our landlord. About a year ago our toilet overflowed and leaked through the ceiling in the downstairs apartment. The guy who had moved in down there is very unfriendly and complains about everything.He complained about still getting water seeping in,although we haven’t had a problem in over a year. He also griped about my wife running our washing machine at 2 in the morning. He’s on disability and doesn’t work. The landlord said if he complained again he would evict us after being faithful tenants for almost 11 years.

We will continue having the faith that God promised never to give us a burden we could not bear.

The decision to eschew immersing myself in the hypocrisy and filth that epitomizes politics today is working pretty well. I still get feeds on Facebook and go to Diogenes, Dianny, Curmudgeon, and Earl of Taint for insight into the absurdity of things today. Just a few things for today:

With Governor’s Support, Oregon Senate Votes to Bypass Electoral College

The Oregon legislature has passed a law to award their electoral votes to whomever they choose. It still needs to pass the senate, but the governor says she’ll sign it. There are almost enough states to turn national elections on their ear. The electoral college worked fine for 240 years until Hillary lost. Democrats can’t stand losing fairly so they change the rules. I don’t know if this is unconstitutional or if they can actually get away with it. If so, California and New York will decide who is president from now on.

Maxine Waters upbraided bankers about the “student loan crisis” until they informed her that student loans were nationalized in 2010 … in a bill she voted for. AND she chairs the committee responsible for it!

  • From Diogenes: “Would You Like To Reclaim Your Time There Darlin’?”
  • Pete: Draw a circle around a ghetto and call it a congressional district and this ignorant, race hustling slug crawls out.
  • CtH: Did the Mars rover go see the flag we planted on the moon?

Candace Owens took on Ted Loopy-Lieu and fake Jew Jerry “Nadless” Nadler and reddened both their asses. I heard cuts of it on Levin as I waited in line at the Taco Bell drive through.

Political Clown Parade has a blistering account of her bludgeoning these two punks. She don’t take no shit.

Part of the article:  “Let me be clear, the hearing today is not about white nationalism or hate crimes, it is about fear mongering, power and control,” Owens said. “It is a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy the same as the Democrat 2016 election strategy.”

“The goal here is to scare Blacks, Hispanics, gays and Muslims into helping them censor dissenting opinions ultimately helping them regain control of our country’s narrative.”

“The biggest scandal in American politics is Democrats have been conning minorities into the belief that we are perpetual victims; all but ensuring our failure. Racial division and class warfare are central to the Democrat Party platform. They need Blacks to hate whites, the rich to hate the poor. Soon enough it will be the tall hating the short,” Owens concluded.

Here’s a snippet of her fighting back, something most “republicans” are too scared or lazy to do.


From Patricia McCarthy at American Thinker: “Owens has about a hundred I.Q. points on the supremely ignorant Ocasio-Cortez.  Owens’s grace and class are the antithesis of Ocasio-Cortez’s empty-headed, ditzy meanderings.  Owens’s videos are all worth watching, and her performance on Tuesday in front of the House Oversight Committee was spectacular.  She put the Democrats on that committee to shame, especially Jerrold Nadler and Ted Lieu.  Both of them tried their best to humiliate her, to use her as a prop in their latest narrative that Trump is responsible for a make-believe rise of white nationalism and white supremacy.  The two of them are imbecilic at best.  Their focus on “white nationalism” is nonsense, but that is all the Democrats have now: nonsense. …

“Nadler and Lieu, like Schiff and Swalwell, are political bottom-feeders. They care not one bit about their constituents, the American people, facts, or the truth. All they know and feel is their hatred for President Trump, and that hatred has infected their brains. It has obliterated their ability to think critically.”

Almost made it without mentioning that pathetic, college-educated, tip stealing bartender who now thinks she the Empress of the Ununited States of Lunaticia. The last time I saw a mouth like that it had a bit in it and a bridle over its head.

From Earl of Taint:

Lori Laughlin rejected a plea deal over her part in the college admission scandal. Now she faces 5-10 years in prison. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?


Guess I’m done now.

ADDED BY CTH: Candace Owens’ opening statement

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Hey Pete! So glad you and Mrs. Pete avoided serious injury. I will certainly add your rapid healing and housing issues to my daily prayers for you both.

    Might I suggest you send binding prayer through your floor? Maybe that guy will get so uncomfortable, he’ll move out. Hee hee.

    I read a true story once about a priest who had a very obnoxious seat mate on the plane. When the jerk got up to use the facilities, the priest sprinkled holy salt on his seat. As soon as the jerk came back sat back down, he began to loudly complain that his seat was uncomfortable. He insisted on being moved. 🙂

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