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Joe Biden Admits Past as Shampoo Fragrance Secret Shopper

From The Barbed Wire.

WASHINGTON – He’s having to come clean now that he’s about to run for president in 2020. Creepy Joe Biden has now admitted that repeated photos of him sniffing women’s hair was all just part of the job.

“I was a shampoo fragrance secret shopper for several decades,” Biden admitted in a statement on Friday. “You can understand now why I was getting so close and handsy with all those women. But I couldn’t blow my cover. I’d lose the $100 gift certificate they gave me for each survey I turned in.” Continue reading

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Border Update

BORDER WALL: On Friday, President Trump traveled to Calexico, California, to see the first completed section of the new wall along the U.S.–Mexico border. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

2019_04 07 Wa Mon w cherry blossoms

2019_04 07 W fountain

MASCOTS: On Sunday, Nonno and the Buzzers went to DC, parked near the Air and Space Museum, walked to the Washington Monument and around that area, then looped back along the tidal basin enjoying the cherry blossoms. They also dipped their feet in the beautiful fountain at the WWII memorial. And hurray! Buzz said, “Nonno,” for probably the first time ever. 🙂  (Reminder: He’s autistic. Speech is very hard for him.)

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