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Joe Biden Appointed as Head of TSA

From The Babylon Bee.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Amid a flurry of accusations of inappropriate touching and crowding people’s personal space leveled at former vice president Joe Biden, President Trump announced Friday that Biden is his appointment to the Transporation Security Administration.

Biden will be tasked with showing TSA agents how to violate people’s personal space and privacy in their daily groping of American citizens. He already has “dozens” of charts and infographics he began to hand out to TSA workers all across the country, creeping up on them and gingerly setting the files in their hands as he whispered his instructions in their ears.

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The Funny Overfloweth

A while back, I switched my blog work from gathering, then posting at the end of the same day, to gathering, then polishing and posting at the beginning of the next day. I think y’all are getting a better product. So anyhoops … I have been gathering for tomorrow’s Bits & Bytes and the list of funny videos got so long, I decided to give them to you now! Enjoy!

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Just me spit-balling

Leding causes of death in America

Democrats are fer certain sure that people will stop killing each other, if only we outlaw guns. So let’s compare the number of abortions (which they cheer and would like to increase*) with some gun violence statistics I dug up on the internet. Continue reading

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Ain’t Nuttin’ Right ‘Bout Dat

AOC aint nuttin wrong

From Stilton Jarslberg:

Although we hate giving dimwits more time in the spotlight than they deserve, AOC has once again offered us too tempting a target to resist. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

We live every day Continue reading

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