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MASCOTS: Prayers please – Nonno is going to visit the Mascots and see DC during Cherry Blossom season. On the way home, he has an appointment with the cardiologist who did his procedures; we’re hoping he will be cleared to reduce his meds.

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“My” Lourdes Miracles

In a comment on the story about church vandalism, Mindful Webworker mentioned reading up on St. Bernadette at Wikipedia. It reminded me of the lady I know who was miraculously and instantaneously cured in the water. I thought I’d share with y’all today.

My friend had a malignant tumor on her face. It had been removed twice, but had come back a third time. The first two surgeries had been done so skillfully that I had never noticed the scarring until she showed me the edges and then, yeah, it was a little shiny on that patch.

The third was going to disfigure her, but she was a WWII nurse, eminently practical, and not in the least vain, so she just said, “Okay, but I promised my friend I’d go with her to Lourdes, so it’ll have to wait until after the trip.” Continue reading

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