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Jesus Help your neighbor

BORDER: Congressional Democrats claim that replacing existing barriers on our southern border isn’t necessary. Maybe they haven’t seen how these old fence sections actually work. In just one example, on December 22, smugglers pushed a group of adults and children through a hole in the Sanchez Canal border infrastructure — an area of the wall that’s partially underwater.

“Protecting the sovereignty and security of the United States are responsibilities of the commander in chief and if those elements are being compromised by an influx of immigrants at the southern border, President Trump must use the tools at his discretion to remedy the matter.” – Boston Herald April 2, 2019 editorial

2019_04 02 Landry sex offender

ILLEGAL ALIEN ARRESTS: Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has announced the arrest of an illegal alien who has been charged with more than 100 counts of sex crimes. Miguel Martinez, 44, is a known sex offender who has been deported before. He was caught living in Harvey, Louisiana illegally.

A twice-deported illegal has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, and murder of a female nanny who went missing while she was out jogging. Both Jorge Rios, 33, and the victim, Carolina Cano, 45, lived in Jersey City, NJ, which designated itself as a sanctuary city in February 2017.

2019_04 03 Reed Dem budget

TRUMP ECONOMY: In the first quarter of 2018, wage growth for workers without a high school degree grew at a faster rate than wage growth for workers with high school and/or college degrees.

2019_04 nuclear senate

JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS: The nuclear option – Unable to work out a bipartisan deal to speed up Trump administration nominees, the Senate Republican majority changed the chamber’s rules on Wednesday to shorten debate time.

kamala hillaryTDS: Kamala Harris – At the Human Rights Campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles, Harris spoke about the Left’s #1 mental health issue.

These last two years and some months have certainly caused a lot of us to start speaking to an inanimate object called a television. And to shout at that thing. It has caused a lot of us to go through individual and group therapy. It has caused a lot of us to feel a bit of despair, and depression, and anxiety, and fear. And I say don’t let the bad guys win. Don’t let them win when they are spewing hate and trying to divide us.”

Wow. For once I agree with Kamala Harris. Don’t let the bad guys win when they are spewing hate and trying to divide us. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

Mueller Dem

MEDIA BIAS: Despite the steady diet of anti-Trump baloney the MSM has been serving up for more than two years –

47% of Americans now believe it was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, who was colluding with foreign operatives.

54% of Americans now believe the Mueller investigation was politically motivated (as opposed to necessary).

if you're against

LIFE NEWS: Since 2011, more than 400 pro-life laws have passed in state legislatures and since the beginning of 2019, more than 250 bills restricting abortion have been filed in 41 states. There are also more than twenty cases in line at the Supreme Court of the United States that could undermine abortion rights as defined by Roe even further, or potentially overturn Roe entirely.

no choice

BORN ALIVE ACT: House Democrats have blocked the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act 28 times.

Supporters of the bill are trying to get the 218 signatures required to force a vote. The names of all House members who have signed the discharge petition so far are listed here.

After checking to see if your Representative is on the list, write either to say thanks or else to encourage him/her to sign.You can also sign a petition telling the House that you want them to vote on this bill.

GO SEE UNPLANNED: The anti-abortion movie’s Twitter account now has more followers than Planned Parenthood’s account has. The movie, which opened last weekend, is set to open in 700 additional theaters this coming weekend.

Democratic Socialism

DEMOCRAT SAYS NO TO SOCIALISM: A House Democrat sounded off Tuesday against members of her own party who have embraced socialist policies over the last few years.

“I am offended by this whole conversation about socialism,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla. “The idea that in the greatest democracy, the greatest capitalist system in the world, we’re having casual conversation about socialism, offends me.”

Chakrabarti AOC

AOC: And her campaign manager, Saikat Chakrabarti – In March, complaints were filed with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) charging that two PACs founded by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s top aide, Saikat Chakrabarti, funneled over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies. This week, the Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed more charges. Foundation counsel Dan Backer, who authored the complaint, sent The Gateway Pundit this statement:

The subsidy scheme carried out by AOC and her campaign manager involve some of the most egregious campaign finance violations ever recorded. Perhaps even more egregious is AOC’s hypocrisy on the matter, as she continues to portray herself as a campaign finance reformer. It’s time for the Federal Election Commission—and all Americans—to hold AOC accountable, and say no to her self-serving brand of socialism.”

deranged gun

2A: Fake science studies deliberately and inappropriately make two logical errors in order to boost gun violence numbers so as to promote the gun control agenda –

  1. “Homicide” is not equivalent to “Unlawful gun violence”Homicide simply simply means one person killed another. It makes no distinction between criminal predation and lawful self-defense.
  2. “Suicide” is not a “Gun Violence” Problem – This is obvious simply by looking at Japan, where private gun ownership is effectively non-existent and yet the suicide rate is higher than in the United States.

ANTI-CATHOLIC VANDALISM: Two statues of Our Blessed Mother were beheaded in the Pomona Valley, Cali. area within the last month. The previous month, a double pane stained glass window was smashed and statues of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette were decapitated.

Amputee healed

WOW! Click to read about the man whose leg was restored to full health … two YEARS after it had been amputated due to gangrene!

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  1. It is cold comfort to know the WordPress problems aren’t just me.

    Ted Rall – lunatic cartoonist I quit reading ages ago when his depiction of Bush just got more and more hideous. But I always appreciated that he would attack the Demoplicans almost as readily as the Republicrats.

    Wull, Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., mebbe you’re in the wrong party, darlin’! D’ja ever think o’ that?

    Church vandal – as always, I think, dude, one does not mess with the Mother of the Lord. There will be justice, karmic retribution intrinsic to reality, and it will sneak up on you cold just when you thought you got away with it.

    I just read Wikipedia (yeah, I know) on St Bernadette, too. Mess with her at great peril, also, I’d say.

    Hey! Let’s test if an animated GIF will work in a comment today.

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      It’s playing … but at the speed of molasses in January.

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        Heh. No, it’s (probably) running at the intended speed. Until I looked at it again before posting, I’d forgotten what a patience-tester this is. Hanging out with Lum and Edna on their front porch on a lazy afternoon. The action happens when a car passes by. Then it’s back to hanging out. 😀