2020: Say No to Joe

Creepy Joe: Click on the You Tube link to see a great 1 minute ad. I can’t get it to embed.

Biden Franken

FRANKEN, NOT KAVANAUGH: From William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection – “This is not a Kavanaugh situation. Kavanaugh immediately and unequivocally denied the 40-year-old allegations lodged against him by Christine Blasey Ford and then others. The evidence supported Kavanaugh as to Ford, and the accusations by others either were revealed to be outright hoaxes or had no credibility (such as the claim by Julie Swetnick, represented by Michael Avenatti, that Kavanaugh ran gang-rape parties in high school).

“Kanavaugh had the advantage not only of the facts and evidence being on his side, he had a base of support who saw the accusations as part of an attempted Borking. By contrast, there are few Democrats who have an incentive to go to bat for Biden, certainly not given the public record of creepy handsy and nuzzling behavior.”

2020 creepy biden tshirt

SECRET SERVICE AGENTS: From The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler [2014] “Biden likes to be revered as everyday Joe, but the reality is no agents want to go on his detail because Biden makes agents’ lives so tough. … Being assigned to his detail is considered the second worst assignment in the Secret Service after being assigned to protect Hillary Clinton.”

2020 biden for prez


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11 responses to “2020: Say No to Joe

  1. chrissy, you say you can’t get video to embed?

    I’m having troubles with the WordPress editor today. Embeds ARE working, in that they show up in previews and posts, but they don’t show up in the editor. In the editor, they’re like an invisible line.

    Also, I’m having drafts saved, and then, when I try to edit them again, I’m told they’re not there. Lost some stuff, which has never happened with WP before.

    I tried everything on my end, including closing and re-opening the browser, and rebooting the computer. I think it’s on WP’s end.

    Other People’s Videos, and possibly Other People’s Stuff, is out of business until WordPress fixes these problems. Can’t have a post full of videos I can’t see in editing!

    I even tried going to the new “block” editor that I presume they’re going to force us all to use eventually. I am overwhelmed with disappointment at how bad that editor is.

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    • I sure hope they aren’t going to force everyone to use the block editor. I’ve really enjoyed using WP for the last eight years, and really appreciate how easy and intuitive it is, even for people like me who tend to be technology-challenged. I would hate to lose the system that has worked so well for me.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Doggone them. EVERY time they “upgrade”, it makes us all miserable. :0P

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  2. BoB: “I sure hope they aren’t going to force everyone to use the block editor.”

    The blurb on the editor page says “Level up” and “improve your game.” That sounds like sales pitch for “you will adopt the new and improved editor because we say so.” Then they will phase out the old reliable.

    Because, new and different always means improved, right? 😦


    • chrissythehyphenated

      They’ve done it to us before. It always takes a while before the suckers who use it and complain (who knows how to complain?!) shake out the bugs.

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    • What is this obsession some people have with fixing things that aren’t broken?

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      • BoB: “What is this obsession some people have with fixing things that aren’t broken?”

        Maybe it’s: “If it ain’t broke… we don’t get paid to fix it”?

        I think there’s a particular add-on module they use that turns URLs into embeds, and that would be what’s broken.

        Here’s a workaround for embedding videos. They still don’t display in the editor, but at least there’s a text line to see where they will be. (Hope the next line doesn’t get turned into an embed!)


      • Dang it. 2nd try.

        The workaround is open square bracket, the word youtube, a space, the youtube URL, and then the close square bracket.

        Like this: (if that works).


        • I’m sorry, you’ve lost me. I told you I was technologically challenged…

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          • Sigh! Both of my attempts at showing how to do it failed. Sometimes WP is too good at handling things for us. One last try, just for old Joe College’s sake:

            Enclose inside [square brackets] the word “youtube”, followed by a space, followed by the YouTube URL that you would normally use. That will show up as text in the visual editor, video in previews and published posts.

            [ y o u t u b e space h t t p s : / / youtubelink ]
            Take out all those spaces.
            Replace the word “space” with, guess what, a space. 🙂
            The youtubelink part is whatever you would normally have used.
            Best I can do and I hope THIS one doesn’t get eaten.

            I tested embedding a tweet – that’s a mess, too. I presume FB et al. are, also.

            I would not want to be working at the WP complaint desk today. 😀

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          • chrissythehyphenated

            I got it to work and sent you a message via Facebook that I hope will give you an ah ha moment. 🙂

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