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BORDER: Democrats need to either help solve the problems or else get out of Trump’s way – “Even the most partisan Democrats are hard-pressed at this point to deny that the border crisis President Trump has long been warning about actually exists. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from reflexively denouncing pretty much any action he takes — without suggesting any solution or ideas of their own.” – New York Post April 1, 2019 editorial Continue reading


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Making Good Decisions

I just read an article listing five common mental errors that sway us from making good decisions. Below, I’ve summarized them and added some spiritual ponderings.

Survivorship Bias – We tend to overvalue the strategies, tactics, and advice of successful people, while ignoring the fact that the same strategies, tactics, and advice haven’t brought success for most.

You are a unique creation of God. He knows what’s best for you.

Loss AversionWe are wired to feel overly protective of the things we own.

All things come from and truly belong only to God. It’s easier to let material things come and go when you seek His will above all.

Availability Heuristic – We tend to overestimate the prevalence and impact of ideas and events that come readily to mind. Continue reading

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