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Creepy Uncle Joe

Joe Biden is a predator of long-standing.

BIDEN sniffing

As long as he was The Brown Messiah’s VP, he was untouchable. Now, however, he’s maybe going to run against the swarming horde of Democrat prez nominee wannabes.

Lucy Flores is a Nevada Democrat who accused the former vice president of smelling her hair and giving her an unwanted kiss on the back of the neck during a campaign stop in Nevada in 2014. Biden supporters note she supports Bernie. Wait, what about #MeToo and Zero Tolerance? Continue reading


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Bits & Bytes

George Washington - We were founded as a Christian nation Continue reading

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Abortion: Changing Hearts and Minds

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Russia! Russia! Russia!

2019_03 30 Trump on wall by Terrell

IT’S NOT OVER. The TDSers are madly scrambling to find SOMEthing, ANYthing to continue their mad dream to take down a duly elected president for no other reason than that they hate him for winning.

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