So much funny!

The LOL section of my current Bits & Bytes grew so ginormous, it morphed into its own posting! Enjoy!

It’s Friday, so gotta start with Cat Week, then “The Rest of the Story” in no particular order.

Shane chicken




SIGN Dr Hedgehog sign


Faithful PoliNation Gardener Mindful Webworks did this series of toons. Read them in order. So funny!


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2 responses to “So much funny!

  1. jbob45

    Well, gee, thanks for the acknowledgment CtH, but I cornfused. I didn’t do nada what you spoke about “…this series…” Am I missing something?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Duh me! (Fixed it and SO SORRY, MINDFUL!)

      Can I blame “senior moment”? Oh wait … no, I cannot. My dear off-spring once proudly baked us up a batch of Chicken Parmesan. It was deeeelicious … but different.

      “What’s the difference,” we asked.

      “Well, I forgot the recipe when I went to the store and I couldn’t remember what kind of cheese goes in Chicken Parmesan, so I got cheddar.”

      She comes by it honestly.

      Also, Chicken Cheddar is very tasty. LOL

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