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2019_03 25 Left in education


PRAGER U: Leftism threatens everything it touches.

THE INGRAHAM ANGLE: Good episode from Laura – The Chicago State’s Attorney’s Office, under the authority of Kim Foxx, unilaterally decided on Tuesday to drop ALL charges against hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

Graphic: Smollett white privilege – INGRAHAM

Despite the evidence against Jussie Smollett the Cook County State’s Attorney dropped ALL 16 CHARGES against the well-connected Hollywood celebrity.

Foxx did not contact the Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office or the Chicago police department before she announced her decision to let a famous celebrity hoaxer off scot-free and SEALED the records!

OBAMACARE 2015_03 60% enrolled in Medicaid

OBAMACARE: The Trump administration says they will soon have a healthcare plan ready in the event that when Obamacare gets overturned in court.

The administration will continue to come forward with more free-market reforms that we think will continue to lower the price of healthcare.” – Marc Short, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff

GUN CONTROL Hillary's security

FAKE NEWS: NBC is using someone they call “a gun trafficking expert” as a source in their latest anti-Trump screed. Not surprisingly, they don’t bother to mention that this so-called “expert” works for Global Exchange, the group that organized and funded the Hamas Flotilla against the Jews of Israel in 2010.

2019_03 Flood

WORST AGRICULTURAL DISASTER IN MODERN AMERICAN HISTORY: The National Weather Service predicts more catastrophic flooding throughout the middle portion of the nation for the next two months. Seventy-four of Nebraska’s 93 counties have declared a state of emergency. About a million calves have died, which is sure to cause a spike in consumer beef prices.

2019_02 02 Choice

INFANCTICIDE: Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats continue to refuse a request to allow a vote on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, legislation that would stop infanticide and provide medical care and treatment for babies who survive abortions.

House Republicans are looking for a procedural work-around for the blockage the Democrat-majority House has put up on this bill.

In other news, multiple women have accused prominent abortionist and pro-abortion activist Willie Parker of sexual misconduct. Park calls himself a “Christian” and likens his abortion practice to “ministry.”

His accusers say he has long been known as a sexual predator among abortion activists, who have been loathe to out him for fear of what pro-lifers would do with the information.

PRO-ABORTION VIOLENCE: Graphic footage – After disrupting a peaceful, pro-life “40 Days for Life” prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood facility in San Francisco, a pro-abortion activist stole the group’s banner. When an 85-year-old pro-life advocate attempted to stop the thief and retrieve the banner, the young man shoved him to the ground, threatened him, then violently and repeatedly kicked him.

The same man assaulted the group earlier in the week, throwing their sign, table and literature into the street. He also knocked two men to the ground.

Matt 5 10

Both attacks have been reported to law enforcement. Police officers took statements from the victims, but it is not clear if a formal investigation has been launched. Pro-lifers have not observed any additional law enforcement presence around the Planned Parenthood location. Planned Parenthood has reportedly not made their surveillance video available.

These attacks are the latest in a string of violent assaults during peaceful pro-life vigils at abortion facilities across the nation.

HILLARY Monopoly

RUSSIAN COLLUSION: From Sean Davis at The Federalist “There is clear evidence that a 2016 presidential campaign willfully and deliberately colluded with Russians in a bid to interfere with American elections. It wasn’t Trump’s campaign that colluded with shady Russia oligarchs and sketchy Russian sources to subvert American democracy: it was Hillary Clinton’s.”

MAXINE ugly face

KOREA FOOD Marshmallow Dictator

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