LIKE JUSSIE SMOLLETT: We have walked – I asked Facebook repeatedly to review their decision to block PoliNation. And today, it seems we’re BAAAACK. Not that they bothered to notify us or nothing. I just tried cross-posting and it finally worked.

2020 Hats by Terrell

DEMOCRATS WANT TO LOWER VOTING AGE TO 16: Chad Prather says, “Sure, why not? What could go wrong?” Uh, a lot.

2020 Bernie shower


BUTTIGIEG: The South Bend, Indiana mayor is beginning to catch fire and is providing an alternative to the major Democratic candidates running for president. An Iowa caucus released Sunday put him in third place: Biden (25%); Sanders (24%), Buttigieg (11%), Harris (10%). The others were in the one digits.

Buttigieg is no different from the rest when it comes to abortion. During a speech in Greenville, South Carolina, on Saturday, he stated: “You’re not free if your reproductive choices are being dictated by male politicians in Washington.”

I always find it very odd that they push this idea that males have no right to an opinion on abortion. Never mind the whole fatherhood thing. The Supreme Court that passed Roe and Doe in the first place was all male. And the single biggest pro-abortion demographic is male fornicators who prefer their nooky unencumbered by child support consequences.

2020 Hickenlooper xrated

HICKENLOOPER: 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful says he once took his recently widowed mom to the movies, because he did not want her to be lonely. Well, that’s nice, but “Deep Throat”? Seriously?

Hickenlooper, who was 20 when the smarmy porn flick came out, claims to have not known how graphic X-rated films are. I guess his mummy was also clueless, since he says she was “mortified” by the movie.

While I can’t exactly fault either of them for being naive, I am bothered by the fact that they both sat through the entire movie because … wait for it … they’d already paid for the tickets. Ayiyi. And this guy wants to be POTUS?!

When I was 17, a boy I liked a lot took me to see Woody Allen’s “Bananas” (PG-13). Not too far in, he tapped my arm and said, “Come on. We’re leaving.” I was SO relieved!

2019_03 25 Beto lose 49 states

BETO: A video of the allegedly Catholic O’Rourke berating a Catholic priest at an El Paso City Council meeting in June 2011. O’Rourke’s questioning begins at the 6:00-minute mark.

BABYLON BEE and BETO: When asked his position on running someone over with your car, O’Rourke thought for a moment, swept his hair from his forehead, warmed up his arms for wild gesticulations, and responded, “The decision to commit vehicular homicide really should stay between the driver and his car. I trust those people. It’s not my business, and I think it’s important that we just trust them to make the right decision there.”

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