On the Green New Deal, the Democrats are all yellow

2019_03 28 GND vote by Stilton

WASHINGTON EXAMINER EDITORIAL: “The Green New Deal is a profoundly embarrassing and politically damaging proposal for Democrats. That’s why, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., forced a vote on it Tuesday, not a single senator from either party voted for it. Democrats cried foul, acting as though a free vote on their own climate change resolution somehow constituted a dirty trick against them.

“Heaven forbid they should look in the mirror. Heaven forbid they should blame their own colleagues for sending up this $93 trillion pie-in-the-sky measure. But then, they are hardly in any position to admit how stupid this proposal was, given that no fewer than five Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate already endorsed it. …

2019_03 GND by Varvel

“If Democrats cared about global warming as anything more than a political issue, they would not be wasting time with useless and impractical proposals like this one. Instead, they would start by creating policies more conducive to fracking for natural gas in the short run. This technology has done more in 10 years to reduce American carbon emissions than all the efforts of all environmental activists in history combined. …

“Beyond that, Democrats who fear a warming planet should endorse and legislate toward the long-term expansion of nuclear energy, which safely and effectively freed France from its carbon footprint long ago.”

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  1. jbob45

    Twas only a matter of time the depths of AOC’s inept grasp of Math 101 would be revealed…at least to anyone who’s been paying attention, or gave a rats hiney.
    I posted on this a month ago and thought about sending AOC a link to the post to help her thru remedial 1+1=2, but thought, Nah, too many words for an ADHD-addict.

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