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Investigation Launched into Possible Collusion Between Edmund and the White Witch

From The Babylon Bee.

CAIR PARAVEL—An official investigation into possible collusion between Edmund Pevensie, now King Edmund of Narnia, and the White Witch was launched this week.

Investigators are focusing on a shady meeting held in the White Witch’s sleigh, in which Edmund is accused of having sold out his siblings in exchange for a bit of Turkish delight. NBI, the Narnian Bureau of Investigation, is said to have recorded that conversation by putting a wire on the witch’s dwarf, which he agreed to wear in exchange for immunity and safe transport to Calormen.

The investigation is being headed up by Holedigger, a high-ranking badger in Cair Paravel’s justice department. King Edmund the Just has sent messages via carrier birds calling the investigation a “White Witch hunt” nearly every day since the investigation was announced. Many Narnians have tried to unsubscribe from the tweeting birds but have been unsuccessful. Continue reading

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Tissue Alert Edition

MEDAL OF HONOR: President Trump honored the “no greater love” sacrifice SSG Travis Atkins made during The Surge in Iraq.

Beginning at 11:04 in the video, POTUS introduces the more than 50 members of the 10th Mountain Division who attended the ceremony. One of the bearded, bald guys is our son-in-law, who was Travis’ best friend and colleague in Iraq.

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On the Green New Deal, the Democrats are all yellow

2019_03 28 GND vote by Stilton

WASHINGTON EXAMINER EDITORIAL: “The Green New Deal is a profoundly embarrassing and politically damaging proposal for Democrats. That’s why, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., forced a vote on it Tuesday, not a single senator from either party voted for it. Democrats cried foul, acting as though a free vote on their own climate change resolution somehow constituted a dirty trick against them. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

Imagine Heaven by John Burke

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Former skeptic John Burke studied nearly 1,000 near-death experiences. He says the stories of people who’ve come back will change how you see life forever! Video embedded at link. This is a really good episode of Sid Roth’s show. I love this part:

“The light we see is from the spectrum of the light from the sun. The color there is from the spectrum of the light of God.”


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Pop the top off another Mueller

HITLER FINDS OUT THE THE MUELLER INVESTIGATION IS OVER: I love the part where Hitler tells all the people who voted for Trump to get out now … and the room clears. LOL Watch this to the end. I think it’s one of the best. ROFL

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