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HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS: Mindful Webworker has a new granddaughter! Woot! Woot! Woot!

2019_03 24 Alex slippers

MASCOTS: I made Mama Buzz’s cold feet some fancy schmancy slippers (pure rubber soles, alpaca insoles, merino wool crocheted uppers). The kids have been having fun trying them out.

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It’s Mueller Time

MUELLER’S NOTHINGBURGER: Mueller concluded his investigation on Friday after nearly two years, turning in a report to the top U.S. law enforcement officer. Attorney General William Barr sent a summary of conclusions from the report to congressional leaders and the media on Sunday afternoon.


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Prayer Alert!

2019_03 25 Prayer alert

From Sidewalk Advocates for Life: March 23 – Friends: We need your prayers!

Our Sidewalk Advocates are helping a mother who was recently inside an abortion facility in the Southeast and — it appears from ample evidence — sexually assaulted by the abortionist.

We aren’t kidding.

When the abuse took place, the woman jumped off the table — badly shaken — and chose to save the life of her child. Indeed, Our Lord used this as an opportunity to show her the evil of the abortion center and encourage her to run outside to safety. She ran right into the arms of our Sidewalk Advocates! Continue reading

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Beautiful Wedding Dinner

2019_03 25 Beautiful wedding
Everything was beautiful. The details came out just the way the bride and groom had dreamed they would. Ana Paula Meriguete and Victor Ribeiro got married in the Catholic Church and received the congratulations of their guests at a brief reception afterwards.

But the real celebration was yet to come, and it was not a traditional one: Instead of a typical wedding banquet, the young couple decided to offer a meal for poor children and their families in the coastal city of Guarapari, in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. There were 160 guests at the party. Continue reading

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Songbird John

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