Failed Coup

2019_03 22 Mueller Politico

2019_03 23 McMueller's Nothing Burgers

MUELLER’S NOTHING BURGER: Special Counsel Mueller is not recommending ANY further indictments. IOW, after TWO YEARS of this expensive witch hunt and non-stop MSM media screaming “Trump is a traitor who belongs in jail”, the Mueller investigation has charged, indicted or convicted ZERO Americans with conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election. ZERO.

2019_03 23 Woods Mueller

UPDATE: Mindful Webworker has pointed out that the image James Woods tweeted was stolen from My guess is that Woods himself did not steal the image any more than I did. He’s an actor. I’m sure he’s aware of copyright issues etc. Anyhoops, here’s the original.

2019_03 25 Your crow is ready

TUCKER CARLSON: Laura Ingraham on the so-called Resistance, “The finger is pointing back at you.”

RACHEL MADDOW WEEPING: Again – Didn’t she cry when Trump won? Democrats are all on the same page. “WE HAVE TO SEE THE WHOLE REPORT!”

ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR: During his confirmation hearings in January, Barr repeatedly pledged to be as transparent as possible regarding the release of the Mueller report.

2019_03 24 Coup

FAILED COUP: There is no way then-DAG Rod Rosenstein could have met the legal requirement that appointed Special Counsel have no conflicts of interest when he put dirty Robert Mueller in charge of the Obama DOJ’s witch hunt into Donald Trump.

DIRTY OBAMA: Gateway Pundit lists at least 100 actions the Obama FBI leadership took that deviated from standard practice and/or were corrupt and/or criminal. Amazingly, Time magazine actually reported recently on them.

2019_03 23 Delusional


  • Delusional Democrats are scrambling to blame the “no indictments” thing on Trump.
  • Swalwell is adamant that Congress receive the full report before Trump does, so he doesn’t have a chance to “edit” it.
  • MSNBC’s Joy Reid detects “seeds of a coverup.”
  • ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd says Mueller is “like Johnny Appleseed: he planted a bunch of trees, and now he has finished his planting, so watch trees grow across the landscape, and fruit be harvested.”
  • Poll shows many Democrats still believe Russia actually hacked our voting machines to give Hillary votes to Trump.
  • And Beto is certain “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.

How long will it take before Democrats start accusing Mueller of colluding with Republicans?

Democrats need bigger hoax

2019_03 23 Brainwashing

2019_03 23 Trump golf


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12 responses to “Failed Coup

  1. Dianny at PatriotRetort is so great with poster/memes that she’s often plundered, her mark expunged, her work stolen, basically, without any accreditation.

    See: An Image Thief Strikes”

    h/t Milady Webworker for the Dianny tip.


    • Image hotlink from Dianny doesn’t apparently work.Understandable.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Well, that was harsh. Sheesh. I don’t sign my work, so am unsuspicious of unsigned pieces. I’ll replace the crow image with her original. Since you follow her, please let me know if I use a stripped image again. Thanks.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Okay, can’t “replace” since I wanted the James Woods text. But gave her credit.


      • “Harsh” is putting it mildly. Is she always so dyspeptic? I’ve had my stuff stolen many times, although I don’t think of it as theft, since I never copyright anything. But when people share my stuff, with or without attribution, I’m flattered, not mortally offended. Obviously I appreciate a link back to my blog, since it increases traffic and sometimes gets me new followers, but I don’t have a hissy fit whenever someone fails to provide one.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I feel the same way. But I also don’t monetize my work or try to make a living off of it, so probably not in the same head/heart space as her.

          I photoshopped a squatting Democrat donkey pooping and saw it incorporated in another graphic, I think at Hot Air or somewhere “major” like that. I was thrilled!

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      • I’ve enjoyed Dianny’s graphics for years, and I try to keep up with her ever since she started Patriot Retort. Milady is actually a more regular reader.

        Dianny is justly proud of her award-winning work. Her writing, her graphics, her “brand,” is what she’s doing for a living, and more power to her. Blotting out her logo is malicious intent! And I’d add, insult compounding injury, crudely changed: notice how the crow seems to be actually standing on the platter (Dianny), while the ketchup bottle is hovering on the edge (thief). Malicious and artless.

        Mindful Webworks isn’t making me a living (alas), but like Dianny, all my webworks have always been freely and gladly shared. I’d be just as upset if anyone altered and discredited my work. I was going to say, no one ever has, but then I remembered: a cartoon I drew for my high school newspaper was re-captioned, had my signature expunged, and printed in another high school’s newspaper! It doesn’t matter that it was a simple little one-panel spot illustration; that’s my “intellectual property,” you scoundrel! At that age, I probably waxed as wrothful as Dianny. 😀

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        • Well, as you know, I not only don’t make any money from my blogging, it actually costs me money (because I pay WP to refrain from putting advertisements on my blog). I understand that for some bloggers, it’s their bread and butter, and they are understandably more protective of their intellectual property than I am of mine, but I still don’t think it justifies having hissy fits and hurling imprecations at the guilty parties — even if that were likely to make such theft less common in the future, which it is not. Perhaps it makes people feel better to vent their spleen, but do they need to do it publicly?


          • chrissythehyphenated

            I felt somewhat panty bunched about her unkind words, particularly since I had innocently reposted the altered graphic that I am quite certain was also innocently reposted by James Woods.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          I like that face, MW. VERY expressive. 🙂
          It is how I imagine I look when I am thinking, “Did you REALLY just say (or do) something truly and painfully stupid?”

          Does it say “Mehn?” What does that mean?


          • I like that face, MW. VERY expressive. … Does it say “Mehn?” What does that mean?

            I have more fun doing minimal open-lined cartoons like that than doing more fully-rendered drawings. Simple cartooning is like the pareidolia pix Bluebird often features – two dots and a line and we see a face. 😀

            “Mehn?” is just, “eh?” or “huh-what?” The first letter is scraggly because the first of the word is mumbled. Anyway, that was the artist’s intent. (heh)

            It’s a panel from my comic “Turing Circuits,” a meditation on self-awareness of fictional characters. Philosophy, tragedy, and knock-knock jokes.