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2019_03 21 Bunny's new desk

MASCOTS: Bunny has a wonderful new desk! The light, chair, and work surface are all kinds of adjustable.

TRUMP LANDSLIDE: I bet Politico hated publishing this – A new report published by Politico Thursday cited multiple economic models and forecasts that show President Trump “is on track for a 2020 landslide” months before the Democratic Party has even chosen their nominee.

The latest 2020 Dem Bandwagon is “Abolish the Electoral College.” They just can’t stand it that Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump. Except 3 million barely scratches the urban LA and NYC Democrat votes, proving the Founders new what they were about when they set up a REPUBLIC to protect us from the mob rule of a pure democracy.

Those idiots in these Democrat urban ghettos centers never seem to remember that their FOOD is grown primarily in “flyover” red states. You know … the places that get totally ignored when they get massively attacked by the climate.

A number of blue states are passing resolutions to award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Since it’s only blue states, it’s unlikely to impact the election at all, even if the Democrat candidate wins the popular vote.

What I’m looking forward to is seeing Trump win the popular vote! LOL Then, any of these states that actually went for the Democrat candidate would have to either renege on their pissy little resolutions or else give their electoral votes to Orange Man.

Either way, we would get 4 more years during which he would NEVER let them forget it. ::gigglingmadly::

2019_03 Media Trump by Branco

TRUMP ECONOMY: Ford is investing $900 million into its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, adding about 900 new jobs during the next four years.

Every time I read about these companies creating new jobs as a result of tax cuts and removal of bureaucratic red tape, I am reminded of the b.s. “Jobs Created” and “You didn’t build that” nonsense of the Obama years.

2019_03 21 Maxine impeach

IMPEACHMENT PUSH WANES: A new CNN poll shows support for impeachment has fallen from 43% in favor to 36% now. The decline is a result of a drop in support for impeachment among Democrats from 80% in December to 68% now.

2020 DEMOCRATS ABANDON ALL PRETENSE: Matt Philbin at Catholic Vote examines the Democratic presidential field and notices that the candidates haven’t bothered to invoke God even as window dressing. The only mention of religion in Bernie Sanders’ campaign launch, for example, was a call to end “religious bigotry.”

2019_03 21 USA Today

MEDIA ETHICS: Correlation does not always equal causation, but I’m guessing Leftist atheism has a lot to do with the appalling lack of Leftist morality –

The Washington Post sent one Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request during President Obama’s entire second term. They have sent 43 FOIA requests in just over two years that Trump has been in office.

David Sirota quietly served for months as a senior adviser to Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders while still working as a journalist for The Atlantic. During that time, he used his platform to attack Bernie Sanders’ rivals.


INTELLECTUAL DIVERSITY: What a concept! – South Dakota became the first state in the country to pass a law requiring its university system to promote intellectual diversity. The measure also bars the South Dakota Board of Regents and the state’s six public universities from interfering with constitutionally protected speech, including speech that some might find “offensive, unwise, immoral, indecent, disagreeable, conservative, liberal, traditional, radical or wrong-headed.”

Pope Pius XII socialism

LEGITIMACY OF OUTLOOK: From Robert Hutchinson at Catholic Vote – Lefties are leaping to blame Trumpian nationalism (aka, anti-globalism) for the New Zealand massacre.

As the Amazon-owned Washington Post put it in an editorial, there “isn’t much daylight between the ‘garden-variety racism’ of [the New Zealand killer’s]manifesto and the ‘far-right nativism’ at times espoused by Trump and his advisers.”

But the fact that a deranged killer justifies his murderous rampage on a given political outlook does not, by itself, say anything about the legitimacy or soundness of that outlook.

After all, a deranged left-wing activist and Bernie Sanders supporter tried to murder two dozen Republican Congressmen during baseball practice in 2017. No one in the media demanded to know if Bernie Sanders should therefore renounce his socialist beliefs.

It is true that the Catholic Church has repeatedly condemned the idolatry of extreme nationalism, by which the State replaces God. But it has also clearly supported legitimate nationalism that moves peoples and groups to promote and protect self-determination, independence and self-government.

Can Catholics support “nationalism”?

If the nationalism is totalitarian in nature and opposed to basic human rights, like fascism or some forms of Islam, the answer is obviously no.

But if the nationalism is respectful of human rights and seeks to build a homeland for a specific people, as the Jewish people did with the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, then the answer is obviously yes.

BLUE HAIR: 92% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted in the US; 98% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted in Denmark; and, nearly 100% in Iceland. Disabled people should not be systematically targeted for abortion simply because they have a genetic condition which makes them different to the majority.

STUPID Jellyfish hope

Wendy's burger shape tweet

SIGN Ollege of Architecture and Planning


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  1. Actually chortled over the Wendy’s reply.

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