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Op-Ed: The Key to Stopping Mass Shootings Is to Pass Sensible Legislation Against Thoughts and Prayers

From The Babylon Bee.

I’ve noticed something. With every mass shooting, there are thoughts and prayers. That’s a correlation — a science word that means “one caused the other.”

Now, I’m a big believer in science. Science tells us about climate change and asteroids. I always listen to science — except economics which isn’t a real science and is very mean. So if science tells me that thoughts and prayers cause mass shootings, then I’m going to act. I’m going to tweet, “Hey, stop it with those thoughts and prayers.” And I’m going to do some more tweets. And then maybe write a bill — or an FAQ summarizing what I want the bill to be since that’s easier. Continue reading


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2019_03 14 Green WH

PRAYERS NEEDED: Record flooding caused by heavy snow and rain in the Great Plains forced the evacuation of thousands and killed at least three people in Midwestern states over the past three days. Continue reading

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