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Excerpts from an article by Michael Glassner (COO of DJT for President), so yeah, it’s totally biased, but it also makes excellent points:

Dozens of counties throughout the country that voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, but switched their support to Donald Trump by hefty margins in 2016.

The trend was driven largely by ‘hidden Trump voters’ — many of whom hadn’t voted in years, if ever — who came out of nowhere and helped President Trump win one of the largest electoral upsets in American history.

The same phenomenon appears to be taking shape once again. An analysis of those who attended the President’s rally in El Paso last month showed:

  • 25% had not voted in any of the past four elections;
  • 25% had only voted in one of the past four elections.

In addition, important demographics RSVP’d the El Paso rally in large numbers:

  • 70% were Hispanic;
  • 60% were between 26 and 55 years old;
  • 50% were female.

BORDER WALL People who don't want

While the Democrat Party makes a hard left turn toward socialism, the Green New Deal and post-birth abortion, average Americans respond to President Trump’s emphasis on national pride, strong borders, fighting the opioid crisis, and restoring energy and manufacturing jobs.

2020 Obama Trump energy

Real results, not implausible promises, are what drive voters to the polls — especially those who don’t regularly vote.


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2 responses to “TRUMP 2020

  1. The non-voter numbers always depress me.

    I guess there’s a certain surety to some races. I don’t have to worry that Oklahoma would go any way but for Trump in 2020, so in that at least my vote is “insignificant.” However,I think of it like the anti-vax folks counting on the herd immunity of the vaccinated. It works okay, until it doesn’t.

    (And I say that as one who was extremely wary of vaccinations back when our young’n’s were young in the early 80s.)

    We all knew Barry Soetero was wrong about everything, but it is quite amazing to see the very next President wave his magic wand and prove it.

    In an alternate universe, Obama is humbled by Trump’s incredible successes and comes out boldly acknowledging his own failures, and praising Trump.

    Want to hear my theory about how there aren’t alternate universes?

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