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CONGRATULATIONS to my Dearest who started his architecture business 30 years ago today.

SS Travis Atkins

HONORING OUR FALLEN HERO: We just received news that President Trump will be awarding Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins the Medal of Honor in a much-belated ceremony at the White House. In 2007, Travis selflessly threw himself on a suicide bomber to save the lives of those around him. His spirit as the Best Man in Absentia was very present at the post-deployment wedding of our Army Princess and her Prince, who was Travis’ best friend.

2019_03 13 Missing BHO

TRUMP ECONOMY: Over the past 12 months, hourly earnings have risen by 1.9%, far exceeding even last year’s pace.

Bringing even more buying power for American families is a significant drop in prices, particularly in gasoline, which fell 9.1% during the past year.

During the past month, prescription drug costs saw the biggest year-over-year decline in prescription drug costs since 1972 and unemployment dropped to 3.8 percent last month, remaining near a 50-year low.

Nearly 70% of Americans told Gallup they expect their personal financial situation to be even better next year.

A stunning 91.8% of manufacturers feel positive about their companies’ future growth under President Trump, compared with an average of 68.6% during the last two years of the Obama Administration.


BORDER CRISIS: Where’s the Democrat outrage over the truly massive amount of illegal drugs killing Americans every single day? – “On Thursday, the Senate will take up the House resolution to disapprove of the president’s emergency declaration. The question is simple: Do you believe, as President Trump does, that we have a crisis on the southern border that must be addressed to protect American families?” Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) writes in The Washington Post.

“The refusal of Democrats to give our Border Patrol agents and our immigration enforcement officials the resources they need to secure the border puts all Americans at risk. They left the president with no choice but to declare a national emergency, and he is on sound legal footing.”

NANCY PELOSI: “Sanctuary policies make us safer” – Tell that to Bambi Larson.

2019_03 13 Butterfly farts

BUTTERFLY FARTS: From Stilton Jarlsberg – Something very interesting has happened in the last couple of days. With hints that the long-awaited Mueller Report might finally be issued at any moment, the anti-Trump impeachment rhetoric of rabid Democrat dogs Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff has changed remarkably.

Perhaps after getting insider information that the Mueller Report will be less a hurricane than a butterfly fart, the two (and other democrats) are suddenly striking a much more subdued tone “for the good of the country.” Right. As if either has ever showed interest in what was good for our country.

Read the rest of his rant.

FAUXCAHONTAS FARTS: The judges give her a 10 in the Self-Unawareness category – Sen. Elizabeth Warren told Mika Brzezinski that she has “zero” sympathy for the parents who cheated to get their kids into prestigious universities.

BIDEN FARTS: Obama’s VP criticized proposed Medicare cuts in President Donald Trump’s proposed 2020 budget— The proposals exactly mirror those put forth by the Obama administration.

JOE BIDEN IS AN OLD FART: The only thing he sincerely believes in is getting re-elected – “Scientists try to reconstruct past climate conditions by looking at fossilized tree rings, lake sediments or stalactites. Political scientists can trace the history of a former mainstream party (the Democrats) by studying the living fossils in their midst. …

“Despite Bernie’s rise, the most diagnostic living fossil is Joe Biden. His career is a complete map to the changes in the party over the last half-century. For example, few people know that in the 1980s Biden signed a pledge with the Ad Hoc Committee for Right to Life to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade. By 1988, when it was clear the party would never again nominate a pro-lifer, Biden declared that he had always been pro-choice. …

“The ‘evolution’ of Joe Biden tracks the changes in his party almost perfectly. The party used to envision the average American as their target audience and on whose behalf they claimed to act. Now that same average American is the enemy. Media-intensive rich white liberals, program-dependent voters, illegal voters and the sexually non-traditional are the new constituency. …

“It is starting to look like 2020 may be the year that the frog will notice the water temperature rising and simply hop out of the pot before it is too late.”

Read the rest.

COURTS: The 6th Circuit court of appeals court upheld a 2016 Ohio law that prohibits the Ohio Department of Health from providing funds distributed through six government-sponsored programs to organizations that perform nontherapeutic abortions. Four judges nominated to the 6th Circuit by President Trump joined the majority.

With the Senate confirmation of Paul Matey, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has flipped from majority Democratic appointees to majority Republican appointees. Matey is President Trump’s 35th appeals judge confirmed.

2d AMENDMENT: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed a bill into law Monday letting people carry a concealed gun without a permit or training. Public schools and other gun-free areas will remain off-limits for firearms. It was already legal to open carry without a permit in Kentucky.

UPDATE ON SANDMANN SITUATION: The legal team for 16-year-old Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann has released a video with an update about their $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post and their $275 million lawsuit against CNN. #ReformOurMedia

Abdou before

GOD USES TERRORISM: Mama Buzz just called to tell me about a story she heard on Christian radio. A Christian medical service in a remote area of Niger has always struggled with how to reach the people, who live in small villages that are very distant from one another in this dry, desert land.

Surprisingly (unless you believe in God-incidences!), Boko Haram’s terrorism has driven these people into Internally Displaced Persons camp where a CURE Nigeria worker is able to identify children they can help.

One day, Boko Haram will be defeated, and all of the children CURE has helped will return to their villages and become ambassadors not only for CURE and also for the life-changing love of Christ.

Photo: One of the Nigerian children being helped as a result of Boko Haram’s evil is 10-year old Abdou who was born with severely deformed feet. He cannot lift heavy objects as they will pull him forward and even young children can knock him off balance, sending him sprawling to the ground. Abdou’s corrective surgeries have started.

“I get very excited ’til I feel as if I’m about to explode when I think about getting surgery. Everything will change!”, says Abdou. Follow Abdou’s progress at the link below.



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  1. B&B220

    “I get very excited ’til I feel as if I’m about to explode when I think about getting surgery. Everything will change!”, says Abdou.

    Say, it sure did suddenly get dusty in here.

    cth: CONGRATULATIONS to my Dearest who started his architecture business 30 years ago today.

    In High School, I thought about going into architecture.* I had drafting skills, and cement in my blood. That path was cavalierly crushed, though; I was told, architects don’t make money. 😮 Have often thought I might’ve liked being an architect, especially years later when I enjoyed playing with some computer design programs.

    So, just a leetle bit envious congratulations, Husband the Hyphenated.

    * In part, I was inspired by studying F. L. Wright’s flawed but innovative work. His only “skyscraper” is a central attraction in my home town. I wrote about it on Other People’s Stuff.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Tis true … architects are the lowest paid of the white collar, gotta-be-licensed professionals. 30 years ago, Dearest went into business with 3 others. They were just getting up and running when Saddam invaded Kuwait. 2 weeks later, the bottom fell out of the design end of the building industry as nervous investors backed out of proposed projects.

      One of their employees was such a pro, she stayed to finish her project without pay. The other 3 partners left the business entirely. But Dearest LOVES his work, so he kept the business name and moved his CAD puter home. For the next year, we learned a lot about social services, local charity, and good neighbors.

      He was really new then, so that recession hit hardest. Plus we had 3 little ones and I hadn’t qualified for disability yet. We did a lot better in 2008, with his well-established reputation (architecture is ALL about reputation!), my disability income, and 3 grown kids who had lovely military paychecks to share when we got tapped out.

      In the long run, we were very grateful for the failure of his dream of owning a mid-sized firm. Working out of the house, he was able to be a very active dad, which was extra important as I became more and more home bound by my allergies. And on the days when I am sick enough to need nursing, he is here.

      So yeah, we always live on the raggedy end of an old shoe string financially, but David loves his work and provides a valuable service to middle income home owners and small business owners. Our marriage is excellent and our kids all turned out better than anyone could ever hope for. In eternal terms, we have been most abundantly blessed.

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