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CONGRATULATIONS to my Dearest who started his architecture business 30 years ago today.

SS Travis Atkins

HONORING OUR FALLEN HERO: We just received news that President Trump will be awarding Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins the Medal of Honor in a much-belated ceremony at the White House. In 2007, Travis selflessly threw himself on a suicide bomber to save the lives of those around him. His spirit as the Best Man in Absentia was very present at the post-deployment wedding of our Army Princess and her Prince, who was Travis’ best friend. Continue reading


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Southern Baptist Pastor Resigns in Disgrace After Admitting He Does Not Like Casseroles

From The Babylon Bee.

WEST HATTIESBURG, MS—Local Southern Baptist pastor Pete Harrison resigned in disgrace earlier this week after admitting that he doesn’t like eating casseroles.

The scandal unfolded after a church congregant unearthed comments made by Harrison in a recorded sermon over 10 years ago, in which Harrison said he preferred “something healthy like a nice garden salad” to “fatty, unhealthy casseroles.”

Dozens of angered church members stormed Harrison’s home with pitchforks and torches hastily assembled out of the church’s unused front pew, demanding answers. The pastor emerged, frightened and sheepish, and made a statement. Continue reading


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