Trans Regret

Jamie Schupe, the first person to be legally recognized as “nonbinary” now says it was all a sham, a scam, and a horrible mistake.

“Four years ago, I wrote about my decision to live as a woman in The New York Times, writing that I had wanted to live “authentically as the woman that I have always been,” and had “effectively traded my white male privilege to become one of America’s most hated minorities.”

“Three years ago, I decided that I was neither male nor female, but nonbinary—and made headlines after an Oregon judge agreed to let me identify as a third sex, not male or female.

“Now, I want to live again as the man that I am.

“I’m one of the lucky ones. Despite participating in medical transgenderism for six years, my body is still intact. Most people who desist from transgender identities after gender changes can’t say the same.

“But that’s not to say I got off scot-free. My psyche is eternally scarred, and I’ve got a host of health issues from the grand medical experiment. …

“It wasn’t until I came out against the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children and transgender military service members in 2017 that LGBT organizations stopped helping me. Most of the media retreated with them.

“Overnight, I went from being a liberal media darling to a conservative pariah. …

“Intersex people are either male or female. Their condition is the result of a disorder of sexual development, and they need help and compassion.

“I played my part in pushing forward this grand illusion. I’m not the victim here. My wife, daughter, and the American taxpayers are—they are the real victims.”

Read the rest. His story is very similar to those told by Walt Heyer in Trans Life Survivors.

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  1. rednig

    Saturday Night Live had a skit on the first men to have the operation. They met as a support group, one of them crying because ‘her’ husband was beating her. Then they started to reminisce about the good old days, as men. Next thing you know, skirts are flying as they start a game of football in the living room. The moral of the story is, I guess, God didn’t make a mistake. They did and regretted it. It’s dark humor at it’s best.

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