Democrats: No Moral Authority

GREEN NEW DEAL: It’s not moral at all.

BORDER CRISIS: Rape and child exploitation – Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Wednesday that young female migrants traveling north to the United States are raped with such regularity that Immigration and Customs Enforcement gives every girl age 10 and over a pregnancy test after arriving.

Under aggressive questioning about separating families at the border, Nielsen said it is necessary, because loopholes in America’s immigration policy that make it harder to deport parents than single adults.

People pose as family units, sometimes reusing the same children again and again to help strings of adults enter the U.S. and disappear. “Children are being used as pawns to get into our country.”

Hey, Democrats (and Rand Paul, you schmuck), tell us some more how there’s no crisis at the border.

INFANTICIDE: Twelve times now House Democrats have blocked a vote on a Born Alive Infant Protection bill. And every single Democrat in the Senate who is running for president has all voted against it.

Born Alive would mandate that all preemies receive medical care consistent with their gestational age, regardless of whether they arrived early naturally or following a botched abortion.

  • Kamala Harris, who refuses to say if abortion is ever immoral, says we have to take guns away from law-abiding citizens to protect “our babies.”
  • Elizabeth Warren brushed off a question about her Born Alive vote: “Infanticide is illegal in every state.”

Warren’s facile response totally ignores the mountain of evidence that abortionists routinely either allow babies that survive late term abortions to die of neglect or else actively murder them.

Two methods cited by late term abortionists for hastening the demise of unwanted infants is strangulation and stabbing the back of the neck with scissors, then snipping the spinal cord.

2019_03 06 Shapiro is right

ANTI-SEMITISM: Democrats are either refusing to condemn Rep. Omar’s Jew hatred or are actually defending her over-the-top statements. Because:

  • Republicans are outraged so we aren’t
  • White supremacy
  • Orange man bad
  • We can’t just condemn bigotries one at a time
  • Condemning bigotry stifles debate
  • All Lives Matter
  • Stop picking on poor ickle Ilhan
  • The Holocaust was a long time ago
  • Only right-wing antisemitism is bad
  • You’re Islamophobic
  • Trump’s wall is racist

But hey, there’s one really special thing to come out of this. David Duke and Louis Farrakhan now agree with each other about something.


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      Problems with alternatives to these big, popular platforms — your friends aren’t there, or your outreach is severely less, or they don’t work as well, or new platforms are themselves deplatformed, or they just plain don’t have the content of FB, Twitter, or YouTube. Or the left takes over the alternative platform, too, and you’re back to square one.

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