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LENT: A 40-day period of unity with “the mystery of Jesus in the desert” designed to prepare us for Easter.

By praying, fasting, giving to charity, sacrificing small things, and abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays in Lent, we strengthen ourselves to resist Satan’s temptation and fulfill the missions God has given us.

Because every Sunday is a feast day to celebrate the Resurrection, the Sundays during Lent are not part of the 40 days of Lent.

2019_01 Two years of Trump

TRUMP ECONOMY: “Our economy is so strong that more than a million American households are no longer dependent on food stamps, and newly employed workers can proudly say that President Donald Trump is the reason they can feed their families without government assistance. …

“The massive decrease in the number of Americans who depend on food stamps directly contradicts the liberal lie that Trump’s economic agenda helps only the rich.”

BORDER CRISIS: The inflow is overwhelming our resources – Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security released staggering numbers that put these stories in context. American law enforcement officers are apprehending more than 2,000 aliens every day at our Southern border.

All told, U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended over 268,000 individuals since the beginning of this fiscal year in October—a 97 percent increase from the previous year.

The ongoing humanitarian and security disaster at our border shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Too bad the Democrat leadership in DC is too dumb or too corrupt to understand this.

2019_03 06 Durbin blames US

THE NEW SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT: I encourage you to give the 8 or 10 minutes it will take for you to read this entire article. It’s really worth it. Excerpt –

“Instead of a corrupt Communist bureaucracy, this new solidarity movement faces a global network of multinational corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations, media companies, human traffickers and politicians.

“Like the old Communist nomenklatura, the members of this globalist network also pretend to care about ordinary people but are actually engaged in the largest transfer of wealth, from the many to the few, that the world has ever seen.”

2019_03 05 PREVENTS

PREVENTS INITIATIVE: An average of 20 veterans a day kill themselves – President Trump has signed an Executive Order on the “President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide” — the PREVENTS Initiative.

The order establishes a task force that includes the Secretaries of Veterans Affairs, Defense, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security. The job of the task force will be to develop a comprehensive public health roadmap toward ending the national tragedy of veteran suicide.

TUCKER CARLSON: Too dumb to die — After two years, the Russian conspiracy is dead. But nobody in DC appears to have noticed.

2019_03 06 35 years check

FISHING FOR DIRT: They’ve got no evidence of wrong doing, just a burning desire to find a way to destroy Donald J. Trump –

New York state officials issued Aon, the longtime insurer to the Trump Organization, a subpoena over claims that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization were involved in efforts to inflate the company’s assets for insurance reasons.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) admitted on CNN that there is no evidence Trump obstructed justice but he launched a massive investigation anyway because it’s his ‘personal opinion’ that Trump may have violated the Constitution.

AOC FLEES QUESTIONS: The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) has filed an FEC complaint alleging that two PACs funneled $1 million of campaign contributions into two of her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti’s private companies. If prosecutors find intent, Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti could be facing jail time.

From Twitchy: “The best defense she seems to have is that she was completely ignorant of what was going on with her campaign finances, which doesn’t make us anxious to hand over $94 trillion for her Green New Deal.”

CNN and MSNBC have ignored the story.

MRC TV: Still waiting for PAST climate change predictions to come true — Don’t hold your breath. But wait … AOC says the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change RIGHT NOW! ::sigh::

2019_05 06 Terminal Trump

CLASSY: President Donald Trump fulfilled a terminally ill man’s dying wish by calling him on the phone on Tuesday evening, saying it was “an honor” to do so. The man really wants to hang on long enough to vote for Trump in 2020, but his doctors don’t think he has that long left to live.

TUCKER CARLSON: Hundreds of college courses do nothing more than indoctrinate students in Leftist philosophy and theology. American college grads hold $1.5 Trillion in unpaid student debts, maybe because 40% of them are un- or under-eremployed.

FREE COLLEGE Mike Rowe on college loans

2019_03 06 Will Smith color

RACISM GONE WILD: Because Leftists can’t accept that Blacks have made it – Will Smith has been selected to play the role of real-life individual Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Serena aand Venus Williams.

The same people who have been just fine with Alexander Hamilton being played by a black actor are kicking up a stink because … wait for it … Smith’s skin isn’t DARK ENOUGH.

This wasn’t an issue when Denzel Washington played Malcom X, whose skin was considerably darker than the talented actor’s skin. But then, that movie was made way back in 1992 during a deeply unenlightened and even more racist time in our nation’s history.

Or something.

EDUCATIONAL MALPRACTICE: The Left’s assault on reality and the traditional Judeo-Christian values that support reality continues – Last week, the president of the nation’s largest teachers’ union joined a man who identifies as a woman in teaching transgender ideology to a KINDERGARTEN class.

LGBT activists want to make it illegal for therapists who hold Biblical views of sexuality and gender to encourage children to embrace their biological sex. They expect legislative victories in at least four states this year: Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York.

The Left’s rush to embrace gender dysfunction ignores the ever-growing evidence that many trannies deeply and increasingly openly regret having undergone hormone therapies and mutilating surgeries.

More than 40% of trannies who have surgery attempt suicide afterwards. A Swedish study in 2011 found that those who undergo sex reassignment surgery actually have a “considerably higher risk for mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity.”

Canada is seeing an exponential growth in demand for transgender treatment from teens. Despite the fact that this spike is unprecedented, physicians don’t seem to be too concerned about why it is occurring, suggesting we can add “medical” to that “educational” modifier above.

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  1. rednig

    When the DNC gets its way, Weimar Republic is for which they stand. High taxes, high inflation. You name it. A slave i every house, because they are the slavery party. Slave owners did not hire a white to be a slave driver, but gave one or more male slaves in the fields, and one female slave in the mansion to force slaves to work. They were given special privileges and the men rights to use or abuse any slave woman they wanted. Remember, as well, that every nation that fell to the atheists, China, N. Korea, Mexico, Cuba, all had the backing of college professors, journalists, and the intelligentsia. Each time, these people were slaughtered on any excuse after atheist took over. Net result with neolibs is always slavery of the masses. Forget about exposing Dems for what they stand. They simply deny it and their owners order journalists to ignore it. They claim science backs them and quacks in lab coats are fast to walk in lock step. Every mass murderer and every slaver for the last 200 years used science as an excuse. Pornographers claim prostitution (any sex-for-pay, even Penthouse et al, is prostitution) is freedom of speech. So is rape, then, or pedophilia. And, many neolibs are pedohphiles and will get that legalized as soon as they can. Who is to blame? Out parents, who voted party lines thanks to the property of liberalism called journalists. Do we want to be the next Mexico? If not then demand the right to vote; do not let them steal your vote as they did to blacks in the South. Do not allow your schools to become one more Carlisle Indian School, where so much of what we see now was forced on kids. In the end, God tells us, we win, but how many believers who refuse to act will be condemned at the final judgment? niio