Checking in with Los Feliz

Los Feliz Daycare (motto: “We do not accept immunized children”) is an ultra-progressive child care center in an unspecified affluent neighborhood on the left coast. Some recent tweets:


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3 responses to “Checking in with Los Feliz

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Important Tip: While meditating with your acai bowls … do NOT drink Dasani! I must remember this!

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Phew! Thank the goddess for Los Feliz tweets! I had NO IDEA!!

    Oh wait … I don’t drink bottled water. Never mind then.

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  3. Los Feliz Day Care, where we only accept pre-traumatized small persons.

    “Tattoo appropriation”? Not going to search on that yet, but one thing about Los Feliz, it always helps me keep up with the latest madness trends. Kenny G joke whizzed over my head, also‽

    Hilarious: Helper Pat “stole Nola’s nose” which led to an explosive, stevia-fueled “My imaginary body is still my body” think piece. (Daughter ate something she didn’t know had stevia in it two days ago. She’s almost recovered.)

    Honestly, when I have to drink bottled water, I avoid Desani – awful stuff c/o Big CocaCola. Ozarka is okay, don’t know if you can get it up North. 😀

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