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2019_02 18 Pavlich Clinton tweets

POINTLESS POSTURING: It’s the one thing Democrats are good at – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed to pass a resolution to rescind President Trump’s national emergency declaration. She no doubt got the votes in the House.

But even if the Senate also passes it, Trump would no doubt veto it and after which the House (54.4% Democrat) and Senate (53% Republican) could try to override that veto. Nancy would need all the Democrats and 26 (if I did the math right) Republicans to do that.

But let’s just suppose the House did pass it. McConnell has the power to ignore that House vote and refuse to reconsider it at all.

WILLIAM JACOBSON ON NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARATION: From Legal Insurrection – The hysteria over Donald Trump’s National Emergency Proclamation with regard to the Mexican border is peak stupid even by the standards of the times, in which almost everything Trump does is portrayed with cataclysmic predictions.

Trump is using a statute Congress passed, the National Emergencies Act, which enables the president, among other things, to spend money already authorized by Congress. It’s not unrestrained power by any means; in fact, the spending is relatively narrow.

And it is not nearly the equivalent of what Obama did on immigration. Obama implemented executive policies which directly contravened existing legislation and created a new class of persons, found nowhere in the immigration laws, who were immune from deportation because Obama said so.

Trump, by contrast, is not contravening any law, nor is he usurping Congress’s control over spending authorization.

I understand that some Republican Senators genuinely are concerned about presidential powers under the National Emergencies Act. The remedy for that is to amend the Act or rescind it altogether.

NEW YORK SLIME REPORTS ON 2020 STRATEGY: “Republicans Hope to Sway Voters With Labels That Demonize Democrats” – Oh wow! What a novel idea! I wonder who Republicans could have ever gotten the idea from. Plus,you know, Democrats actually are socialists, baby-killers, and anti-Semites, which is another point.

FAKE NEWS: Journalists continue to push the false narrative that America is institutionally racist –

On Feb 9, 2019, the management of a fast-food restaurant in California called the police to report a driver passed out in a car in the drive-through lane of the restaurant, about 10:30 PM. The police observed a handgun (later learned to be stolen) in the driver’s lap.

While officers were still positioning a patrol unit to the rear of the vehicle, and waiting for the supervisor, the driver began to suddenly move and looked at the uniformed patrol officers. Officers gave the driver several commands to put his hands up.

The driver did not comply and instead he quickly moved his hands downward for the firearm. Fearing for their safety, six officers fired their duty weapons at the driver. The driver died of his wounds.

Pretty straightforward, right? Here are the headlines that “journalists” came up with to damn the police in a fully justified, self-defense shooting:

“Six California police officers fatally shoot rapper found sleeping in car.”

“Willie McCoy: Rapper shot dead by six police officers in California as he slept in car outside Taco Bell”

“6 Cops Kill Rapper Willie Bo While He Slept in His Car”

“An Aspiring Rapper Who Was Asleep Inside His Car Was Shot And Killed By California Police”

I wrote this headline, which I think is more truthful:

“Darwin Award Goes To Rapper Who Reached For Gun While Surrounded by Six Armed Officers of the Law”

2019_02 18 Sharpton

FAKE NEWS: Slime Stream Media “journalists” are busy blaming their own breathless reporting about Smollet’s attack (not “alleged attack” or “reported attack”, just “attack”) by “MAGA hatted, homophobic racists” on credulous celebrities.

Oh, and the current rash of HATE CRIME HOAX and MSM FAKE NEWS stories is all due to “conservative pouncing.” Or maybe it’s seizing. It’s so hard to keep track.

Don’t hold your breath waiting on anyone to call out Democratic leaders and presidential hopefuls for all the seizing they did on Smollett’s version of events or all the pouncing they did to condemn deplorable Trump supporters.

Perhaps the most pathetic and disturbing admission came from the executive assistant for the Washington Post’s editorial board who lamented that Smollett wasn’t actually targeted in a hate crime.

“I wanted to believe Smollett. I really did. I know that there is a deep, dark racist history in Chicago and, if proved true, this would be just one more point on the list. I wanted to believe him with every fiber of my being, most of all because the consequences if he were lying were almost too awful to contemplate. [If it is confirmed to be a hoax, the incident would be] “touted as proof that there is a leftist conspiracy to cast Trump supporters as violent.”

Wow … so she thinks a vicious hate crime that allows her to continue demonizing the 63 million people who voted for Trump would have been better than a hoax where nobody was actually attacked or injured.

Silly us, thinking the media is biased against us.

2019_01 29 Pelosi Smollett tweet

FACEBOOK BS: I have joined the proud ranks of conservatives who have had posts blocked by Facebook – Yesterday, I couldn’t post my brief paragraph about Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax. Today, I see a bunch of others had similar problems.

Gee, Facebook actually noticed me!

In other news, complaints have reached the censor, so Facebook is no longer blocking Smollett hoax stories on conservative Facebook sites.

2019_02 18 Smollett testimony

JUSSIE SMOLLETT IS NOT JUST WICKED: He’s also incompetent — Reportedly, the two men Smollett hired to fake beat him up told police that Smollett had scouted the location for his little drama, believing a security camera would record the incident. The camera wasn’t aimed at the action, so FAIL. Wow … you’d think a professional television actor would know how to tell which way a camera is pointing, wouldn’t you?!

My favorite tweet: “Jussie wisely realized that “victim” is the highest status one can achieve in 2019 America. Whole industries and movements thrive on the concept. Sadly, Jussie is too stupid to pull off the crime. Good effort though. Enjoy Jail.”

President's Day at IHOP by Stilton

STILTON’S EXCELLENT RANT: As a general rule of thumb which is almost always true, if a “hate crime” has no witnesses other than the “victim,” and involves a MAGA hat, a noose, or a swastika, the story is a lie. That may sound harsh, but in case after case after case it’s true. Victimhood is the Olympic Gold Medal of Progressivism, and in today’s media climate it’s a very low bar to clear.

But is there any real harm committed when so-called “hate crimes” are completely faked? Absolutely. Because it makes any real victims in the future less likely to be believed, increases hate and division in our country, and steals resources from police and intelligence agencies.

Remember when Bill Clinton was president and there was a rash of black church burnings committed by godawful racists?! It got national attention (albeit a lot less attention was given to the subsequent revelation that the churches were being burned by blacks). But so serious was this supposed outbreak of racism that president Clinton reassigned the agencies who were supposed to be keeping an eye on Osama bin Laden to solving the church burnings. Yeah, that worked out well.

2019_02 18 Smollet by Branco

TRUMP ERA FAKE HATE CRIMES: Daily Caller has compiled a list of 22 since Trump was elected. That’s an average of nearly one per month!


“Now hey, that Jussie Smollett fiasco is starting to really look bad for a number of leftist politicians and numerous professional journalists. We need a good old fashioned manufactured freakout to distract everyone away from the culpability!

“There are times when some may suggest a Journo-list-type marching order gets sent out in the left-wing stratosphere when deflection is needed. Then, there are times like tonight, when it is proven as an ironclad assurance.”

“There is a methodology to generating these social media distractions …”

  1. Place an innocuous story.
  2. Tell Lefties that ALL of the conservative universe are reacting in EXACTLY the same manner.
  3. Report on ensuing social media outrage over conservative behavior that never happened.

In response to 3, Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, “The notion that conservatives are at all bothered by Malia Obama having opinions or drinking wine is another fake narrative, just like the claim anyone was bothered by AOC dancing. Apart from a handful of incels on Twitter, no one cared.”

Incel: Short for “involuntary celibate” – A person (usually male) who blames his lack of a sex life on things they can’t help, instead of on the real problem, which is they’re buttholes who treat women badly.

MSM AND DEMOCRATS SILENT: The video above is from the SAME NIGHT that Jussie Smollett was not attacked. Smollett’s fake hate crime garnered loads of attention. The actual hate crime got a single mention in The Jerusalem Post.

Ben Shapiro writes at Daily Wire about how anti-Semitic crimes are increasing yet, despite the traditionally strong support by Jews for the Democratic Party, the Left is yawning with boredom. Why? Because it doesn’t promote their narrative.

AOC BLATHERS: She video’d herself saying Trump’s wall is like the Berlin wall and that living in DC is so weird, cuz like, everyone spies on you and texts about you. Not like New York City, where there’s a lot of “anomininity.” Above is a tiny clip. In the entire Instagram live video, she said “like” 188+ times.

2019_02 17 Warren Loesch min wage tweets

ELIZABETH WARREN LIES: I was skeptical about her claim, because my first post-college job was minimum wage. I couldn’t support MYSELF. I had to share a one-bedroom apartment with another young woman and my boss was none too happy that I had to depend on public transportation. But there was no way on Earth I could’ve afforded a car on what he paid me. But I am a bit younger than Warren and it was college, not when I was “a kid.” So I couldn’t say from personal experience if Warren was right.

This guy could though: “Back when you were a kid, the minimum wage had the same purchasing power as $11 an hour has today. It was never enough to support a family of three. By the way, the poverty rate in 1964, when you were 15, was 19%. In 2017 it was 12.3%.”

More fun version of the above:

“this must have been a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”


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  1. Journalists continue to push the false narrative that America is institutionally racist

    Don’t know about the racism, don’t care about dumb rappers passed out in public with pistols, but this does look like a bad case of police excess. Amazing Lucas looked at this. Video here.

    You’ve got six cops standing around the car, pointing their guns, barking orders, flashing their lights in the face of a guy they know is asleep with a gun in his lap.

    What a shockeroo, sleepyhead did not wake up and immediately respond perfectly. Indeed, reaching for one’s weapon when one feels threatened is perfectly instinctive, especially if, as I presume, this fellow lives in a gangsta world where being armed and psyched, right or wrong, is a necessary constant.

    The audio sounds like a string of firecrackers going off, they hit him so fast and hard. He was probably dead before he had a clue what was going on. Then they told him to put his hands up.

    I’m no cop, and as Lucas says, maybe that’s their trained procedure. But the way they set it up, the guy was basically doomed. As opposed to, say, blocking him in, but backing everybody ‘way off, and using a loudspeaker as you might any other armed stand-off. (Even though there was no situation, in fact, other than overreaction to OMG GUN!)

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  2. Charlie bit my finger – again !
    Published on May 22, 2007
    That’s approaching ONE BILLION views.

    Still hilarious. Think I’ll watch it again. 😀


  3. Thought you could find a use for this, chrissy.

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