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2019_02 12 Trains

MASCOT: Bootz had a lot of fun with the wooden train set. “Trains! Go! Go! Go!” Train comes off track. “Oh no! Not again!” I think that might be a dead Democrat on the side of the tracks there. “Bootz! Go! Go! Go!” Oh wait. Is that a little joke or INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE! ACK!! “Oh no! Not again!” Bad, Grammy!

BETO fencing

O’ROURKE RALLY: Robert Francis O’Rourke … the guy who vastly outspent and still got beat by Ted Cruz … had an anti-border rally in El Paso at the same time President Trump had his pro-border rally. I’ve decided I will no longer be using his recently adopted Hispanic nickname “Beto.” The man is as white as that other Democrat fraud, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren. Maybe “Leprecon” could catch on?

EL PASO COUNTY COLISEUM: I’ve seen conflicting reports (6,500 to 10,000) about how many people were able to get into the arena for the Trump rally. It seems the space can be set up in half a dozen ways. E.g., a basketball game can’t hold as many as a stage event where the central floor can be used for seats. The highest number the space can seat is 11, 000, so the 10,000 I think I heard from Rush may have been lower than the actual size of the indoors crowd. You can see above and below the crowd that couldn’t get into the arena, people the libtards ignored in their oohing and ahhing about O’Rourke’s rally. They had a Jumbotron and I saw reports that the noise from the Trump crowd was so loud, it could be heard at the O’Rourke rally LOL.

2019_02 11 Overflow

Cost of illegals

BUDGET DEAL: It still has to pass the House, Senate, and Trump’s desk – Lawmakers have reached a border deal that would include $1.375 billion for physical barriers.

Reportedly, the deal also includes a requirement for ICE to limit the number of criminal illegals they have on ice. Sheriffs are up in arms at the possibility that Congress could require them to put more than 8,300 criminally charged or convicted individuals back on the streets.

Meanwhile, MORE illegals are flooding across our leaky border and, according to Tom Reed, the deal does NOT include relief for so-called Dreamers.

“We had a prime opportunity to make a large deal for our nation’s Dreamers in exchange for border security. Now a million plus people will continue to live in limbo even though a solution is in their grasp.”

So Democrats gave a pittance for a barrier in exchange for letting violent criminals roam the streets … but did NOTHING about securing a path to citizenship for illegals who were brought here as children?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!

DEMOCRAT BILL OF RIGHTS: “Government shall take no action that results in bad feelings for any Democrat interest group.”

DEMOCRAT LOGIC: “Seeking asylum” requires you cross at a recognized crossing and FILE FOR ASYLUM. Sneaking into the U.S. is a CRIME. So is driving drunk a CRIME. Menendez speciously argues here that under the Obama administrations, ICE only detained and deported “violent” criminals. They were required to let drunk drivers go, cuz yeah, drunks never ever kill anyone.

Menendez also fraudulently blames Trump for “ripping children away from their parents.”

  1. This is a policy that has been required BY LAW for years and that the Obama administration also followed.

  2. The POINT of it is to give ICE and BP agents time to verify that the adults actually ARE the parents! Lots of these kids come across the border alone, with coyotes, gang members, or, most tragically, with human traffickers who plan to sell them into sex slavery.

This is why the LAW … the law, not Trump … requires kids be separated! Sheesh.

FLASH BACK: Obama rodeo clown incident – Making FUN of the American president used to be an honored tradition. Rodeo clowns routinely wore presidential masks while goofing around in the ring and nobody had any problem with it … until the president depicted was named Barack Hussein Obama. THEN, it became a heinous crime. The poor schmuck who innocently did his presidential shtick at the Missouri State Fair was BANNED FOR LIFE.

“Making fun of the President of the United States is what we do in America. It’s a subtle reminder that we are a nation of laws, not of men, and that we threw off the monarchy more than 225 years ago and have not looked back since. We poke fun at our elected leaders to keep them from getting too big for their britches, to remind them – and ourselves – that we are all just citizens, some having been chosen by the rest of us to carry a greater share of the responsibility for the conduct of civic affairs.” – Peter Roff at U.S. News

Now, though, it’s not just acceptable to make fun of President Trump. It’s considered laudable to beat the crap out of his effigy, hang “his” bloody head from your hand, daydream about blowing up the White House, and encourage men to rape his wife and daughters. This is what today’s Democratic Party is all about. WE MUST VOTE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

I SMELL A SET UP: Unhinged Man in Trump MAGA Hat Attacks Media at El Paso Rally Are we supposed to believe the guy who disrupted the El Paso rally was a Trump supporter? He still had the store tag on his MAGA hat! ::snork::

In 2016 the left was notorious for sending in goons to Trump rallies to beat heads. They even had a name for it — bird-dogging. In All the President’s Men, a Republican dirt-monger said they called it rat-f***ing.

PROJECT VERITAS: James O’Keefe revealed the Democrats’ orchestrated smear tactics in an undercover investigation.

FOVAL: You remember the Iowa State Fair thing where Scott Walker grabbed the sign out of the dude’s hand and then the dude gets kind of roughed up right in front of the stage right there on camera?

PV: Yeah.

FOVAL: That was all us. The guy that got roughed up is my counterpart, who works for Bob [Creamer].

PV: And that was like, storyboarded? Him getting roughed up like that?

FOVAL: We scenarioed it.

PV: And so you, like leant yourselves to that situation and it happened. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

FOVAL: We not only leant ourselves, we planted multiple people in that front area around him and in the back to make sure there wasn’t just a action that happened up front, there was also a reaction that happened out back. So the cameras, when they saw it, saw double angles of stuff like, they saw what happened up front, and they saw the reaction of people out back.

PV: That’s fucking brilliant. That’s brilliant.

FOVAL: And then the reporters had people to talk to.

DAILY WIRE: Andrew Klavan – “The worst thing about Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitism is that she’s speaking for a lot of Democrats.”

DEMOCRATS: Potty mouths who hate Jews – Twitter has canceled the accounts of conservatives who said a lot less worse stuff than that! Silverman still has her account.

FAUXCAHONTAS: Elizabeth Warren has less Native American blood than the average Caucasian American does – She not only lied about it repeatedly in the past, but also wrote it on her Texas bar application. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has filed a grievance against Elizabeth Warren with the State Bar of Texas.

2019_02 12 Hole in glacier

ANTI-ANTI-VAX REBELLION: Following the publication of a now-debunked 1998 study linking some immunizations to autism, anti-vaccination efforts spread. Twenty years later, a generation of unvaccinated, internet-savvy teenagers are coming of age and fact-checking their parents’ decision.

One such young man says he read scientific papers and journals and presented the information to his anti-vax mother, hoping she would relent and get him and his four younger siblings vaccinated. “It was clear there was way more evidence in defense of vaccines,” he said. But she wouldn’t back down, so now that he’s 18, he posted an on-line plea for information. Among the 1,200 responses were detailed instructions for navigating the health care system without his parents’ consent. Reportedly, his mother is furious, saying, “It’s like he’s spitting in my face.”


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  1. jbob45

    Only one thing worse than a “Smelly penis hole with balls that touch water” is a “Putrid mouth hole that poops like Silverman”. And she calls herself a comedian?! What was the last toxic dump site she performed?!! I wouldn’t call her a twat, btw – a twat has dignity. Shout-back to Silverman: You just got served, bitch!

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  2. That’s an extensive report, chrissy. Pace yourself. Don’t want you getting burnout! 😉

    Yeah, I could’ve done without Silverman’s foul and stupid blurt. Admittedly, it almost was so bad it was funny, but was too stupid to qualify. Penis hole? Wow, that’s some deep and witty commentary there.

    Not even sure who she is, I searched on her. Oh, I see. There are pages like, “Sarah Silverman Cleavage (39 Photos).” She could be pretty, but the pix I saw show that one may have large globes much exposed and scrunched up to maximize cleavage — and yet make it (them?) startlingly unattractive.

    * performs brain surgery on self to remove cells containing any memory of Silverman *

    A commenter on Patriot Retort said he was at the Trump rally and the hall had been configured for the 11,000 capacity and was at maximum.

    Just went back over the post. The litany of lies and deceit, the parade of un-American and un-Godly words and actions of the Enemy, is most astonishing in that it’s absolute and unrelenting. They have no good positions, only evil. At least they’re not really trying to hide it anymore; it’s got so they can’t if they tried (thanks to Crazy Eyes and Bro-Fo and Beta and Willie Brown’s mistress and the Blackface Boys, and on and on.)

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I debated about the Silverman thing, since this is a family site. We usually aim for PG-13 at the most. But I am just so fed to the teeth with the simultaneous accusations of how awful we are and how awful they actually are that I decided to, maybe just this once, let one of them show us what they’re really like.

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