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2019_02 09 Viareggio Trump Float

WAY TO GO, ITALY: The Viareggio Carnival celebrated 147th years on Saturday, February 9, 2019. The parade is a long-established European tradition of Carnival festivals. It is one of the best known events in Italy, attracting more than 600.000 spectators each year. The highlight of this year’s floats was a multi-story papier-mache statue of Donald Trump, complete with giant Twitter sword.

2019_02 09 Donald Scissorhands

TRUMP’S IRAN SUCCESS: From National Review – “It is now clear that President Trump’s decision last May to withdraw the United States from the controversial 2015 nuclear deal with Iran (the JCPOA) was the right call and is a huge policy success.

“Trump’s JCPOA withdrawal did not lead to war with Iran, as many critics predicted. Instead, Iran is far more isolated than it was when President Trump assumed office.

“The United States has worked to unite its Middle East allies, especially Israel and Saudi Arabia, against Iran and, in Warsaw this month, will co-chair an international conference with Poland on the threat from Iran.

“Iran’s economy is under unprecedented pressure thanks to reimposed U.S. sanctions, especially oil sanctions, with negative 1.5 percent growth in 2018 and an expected negative 3.6 percent growth in 2019. Iran’s current year-on-year inflation rate through last month was 40 percent.”

2019_02 08 Trump 50

JEWS THANK TRUMP:American Jewish leaders took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times on Thursday to thank President Donald Trump for his efforts to combat anti-Semitism across the globe and criticize Democrats for their open embrace of causes advocating the destruction of Israel.

“The advertisement, signed by more than 50 leading American Jewish voices, comes on the heels of Trump appointing Elan Carr as the new State Department Special Envoy to Combat Anti-Semitism, a post that has become increasingly important in recent years as anti-Semitism and violence against Jews flourishes across the globe, particularly in Europe.”

1961 2018 Democrats

HOW TRUMP WILL WIN EVERYTHING: There’s No Defense Against His Strategy – From Thomas Wictor at Quod Verum (excerpts):

“As we saw yesterday with the enormous cow-fart of the Green New Deal, leftists are now in a death spiral of one-upmanship. They’re running from house to house, accusing each other of not being a loyal part of the community.

“And the Judas goats are pointing out this person and that person, creating new targets that ratchet up the hysteria. Yesterday we heard demands to outlaw the internal-combustion engine and to pay salaries to those who are UNWILLING TO WORK.

“We’ve never seen the Democrats so disorganized, so ridiculous, and so vulnerable.

“Don’t kid yourself: This was all engineered. When you become as rigid and xenophobic as leftists, you are sitting ducks for Judas goats.

“Trump has two years to play with the Democrats.

“So sit back and watch the show.”

JUDAS GOAT: A goat trained to lead sheep or cattle to a specific destination. They are used to load animals on to trucks, to enter specific pens, or to go quietly to slaughter. They have fallen out of use in recent times, but can still be found in various smaller slaughterhouses in some parts of the world, as well as conservation projects.

NORTHAM ISN’T RESIGNING: Because he’s the right man to “heal” the wounds he created – Or something. Problems Northam created for himself:

  1. I said parents and doctors should be allowed to murder born babies.
  2. I wore blackface to a medical school Halloween party.

Attributes Northam gave to himself during the interview:

  1. I am a healer.
  2. I am strong.
  3. I have empathy.
  4. I have courage.
  5. I have a moral compass.

I’m at a loss to understand how a medical doctor is somehow qualified to “heal” political wounds at all, never mind the ones he inflicted on himself. Sheesh.

CITIZENSHIP CENSUS QUESTION: It’s a goA federal judge ruled on Friday the US government can include citizenship question on the US Census. Census numbers affect how much federal funding communities can receive; without the citizenship question, sanctuary communities could get more, so, of course, Democrats are against the question.

AOC and HER CHIEF OF STAFF LIE: The Green New Deal doc the COS told Tucker was “a fake manufactured by Republicans” was posted at her website, then taken down. But the web archive from her website still has it. NPR still has it. CNBC reported it came from AOC’s website. The metadata clearly shows it came from AOC, not some “Republican” attempt to make her look ridiculous.

2019_02 09 It's not easy being green

JBOB LOGICS THE GREEN NEW DEAL: Finds it is all about “money, greed, envy and inexperience, all leading to a national epidemic of nausea.” Beavis and Butt-Head also weigh in. Give it a click.

AOC Democrat

AOC: We need to return to our FDR roots as a party.” – Does she realize FDR’s New Deal plunged a recession into the Great Depression and almost collapsed the economy? Does she know that FDR herded a bunch of Japanese-American people into internment camps?

2019_02 09 Trump trolls AOC

GREEN NEW DEAL SUMMARIZED: By Joseph Curl at The Washington Times “Apparently, a sixth-grader was given a homework assignment that read: “What would you do if you had a gazillion dollars to make the world shiny and perfect?” ::snork::

LEFTISTS HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR: Color me not shocked. – Rob Lowe tweeted a cute joke about POTUS-wannabe Fauxcahontas:

“Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to Commander in “Chief.”

Lefties were TRIGGERED and scolded him until he deleted the tweet and apologized!

In La La Liberaland, FAKING a Native American heritage to advance your career is A-OK (provided you’re a Democrat), but MOCKING a Democrat POTUS-wannabe for cultural misappropriation is a RACIST OUTRAGE. ::eyeroll::

ALLIE ON BLAZE: “It’s impossible to be a far-left progressive and a Christian at the same time.”

ISLAM ALLOWS SEX WITH DEAD BODIES: This is just gross. – Apparently, Muhammad himself started it.

  1. Sunni Islam’s four orthodox schools of jurisprudence implicitly permit it.
  2. Shafi‘i rulings on ablution point out that it is unnecessary to rewash the body of the dead — male or female, adds the Hanbali madhhab — after penetrating it, though the penis of the penetrator does require washing.
  3. In 2011 a leading Moroccan cleric and founding member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Abdul Bari Zamzami, issued a fatwa permitting the Muslim husband to copulate with his dead wife. He prefaced his decree by saying that, although he does not necessarily approve of this act, it is not for him to ban what Islam permits.

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