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2019_02 Socialism Trump

AOC CONTRADICTS HERSELF She’s like Obama and so many other Democrats. I.e., she’ll say whatEVER she thinks she needs to say to con us into giving up our freedoms.

2019_02 09 AOC immaturity

KINSLEY GAFFE: When a politician inadvertently reveals an unintended truth.

TUCKER CARLSON: Interview with Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti– It’s official. No one knows what’s in the Green New Deal. Not even Ocasio-Cortez’s advisers.

VICTIMS OF VENEZUELAN SOCIALISM: No No No – Victims of Venezuelan socialism who have come to America recently attended a Venezuela Freedom Rally in Washington, D.C., where Campus Reform asked them for their message to Americans who support socialism. “Bernie Sanders is your enemy.”

JUDGE JEANNINE INTERVIEWS DANA LOESCH: Kamala Harris is a senator, a candidate for president, a former prosecutor. Dana Loesch says she is also a threat to your freedom.

2019_02 WaPo

WHACKY MOLE: Biased Media Weekly Report – Pelosi’s eye rolling was “genius”, Virginia Democrats worry about 2020, AOC’s Green New Deal is “a love story about the planet.”

CATHOLIC AND SUNNI PLEDGE COOPERATION: It’s a start Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Imam of al-Azhar (Sunni Islam’s most prestigious seat of learning) signed a historic document pledging that the Vatican and al-Azhar will work together to fight extremism. “We resolutely declare that religions must never incite war, hateful attitudes, hostility and extremism, nor must they incite violence or the shedding of blood.” The full text is at the Vatican website linked below.

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