SOTU: I ask you to choose greatness

President Trump had a simple, powerful message for his second State of the Union Address: “Choosing Greatness.” When our leaders in Washington put citizens first and their careers second—when they choose a spirit of compromise over the politics of retribution—there is no limit to what America can achieve.

2019_02 05 SOTU

Choosing greatness is a vision that can break decades of political stalemate. It’s an agenda that all Americans, Republican or Democrat, can get behind:

  1. A booming economy can continue to lift up all working people.
  2. Congress should champion a safe, legal immigration system.
  3. We can invest in real infrastructure that leaves no community behind.
  4. New trade deals will ensure that no country exploits our workers.
  5. Washington must rein in the outrageous price of prescription drugs.
  6. America will rebuild its military while ending the cycle of endless wars.
  7. We must support working parents and protect the gift of life.
  8. From criminal justice reform to opioids, let’s embrace bipartisan success.
  9. Both parties can be guided by a shared vision of American greatness.

2019_02 05 CBS SOTU poll

AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS: Per CNN — For those claiming approval was high because only Republicans were watching.

  • 43% Republican (97% approve)
  • 24% Democratic (30% approve)
  • 30% Independent (82% approve)

2019_02 07 Trump approval

AMONG HISTORY’S BEST: From The Gazette editorial board “Leading up to Tuesday night, we heard about the president’s intention to unify a country seldom so divided. So we expected a lot of easy talk about holding hands and trying to get along. This was more than words, at some points becoming an event that included women in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s caucus cheering the president as if they supported him.” Tuesday night’s State of the Union address “probably ranks high among history’s best.”


2019_02 05 Abortion reactions

2019_02 05 No socialism

2019_02 05 NPR fact check


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4 responses to “SOTU: I ask you to choose greatness

  1. As many have said, I never saw a SotU like it in my life. Certainly never enjoyed one as much. Playlist of the speech, clips, and reactions, at the OtherPeoplesVideos blog.

    Dem party hurting was funny, and, music and bitter faces aside, was really a good greatest-bits compilation of Trump’s SotU.

    BTW, chrissy, several nights ago, Milady and I watched “Indivisible.” I was pretty sure you had mentioned it, but was amazed it was ‘way back on May 14, 2018. Maybe you mentioned it later? Anyway, quite a film. We actually watched it in two parts, breaking when he came home. That intense with anticipation.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve got a new movie recommendation for you in today’s Bits & Bytes. We’ve had a dismal run of 3 and 2 star flicks … one even got a 1 star, which I almost never give. But last night’s viewing is not just a 5 star on the Chrissy Meter, but is at the top of the list for 2019 Christmas gifting. 🙂


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