AOC’s Green New Deal

AOC Willie Wonka

Ben Shapiro: When asked “How are we going to PAY for it?”, AOC says, “We just are.”

2019_02 07 Pelosi

PRESUMPTION: Words like “moral responsibility” and “God’s creation” should not come out of the mouths of Democrats who support unrestricted abortion, particularly those who claim to be Catholic.

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ONE PROVISION IN GREEN NEW DEAL: “Expanding high-speed rail to ‘a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary’” – So we’ll be able to take the train to Australia?

Michael Knowles: The Green New Deal is Communism straight up “If you like your house and your car and your job, you can’t keep your house and your car and your job.”

I visited the U.S.S.R. In 1972. Our tour guide was a young mother who told us that she wanted to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom. The government gave her two choices of jobs. Tour guide was the one that she hated less, so that’s what she was doing while the government day care took care of her child.

My brother lived in China in 1983. He told us how everyone, from janitors to doctors, got paid the same amount per month. Nobody could get a taxi when the taxi drivers’ favorite show was airing. They got paid regardless, so why should they work?

My brother had a dental emergency. The dentist drilled on the wrong tooth, without anesthesia, for so long that he says he lost touch with reality. The only way he could get his actual tooth problem repaired was to write home about what had happened. Suddenly, he was sent to the dentist the party elites used who actually knew how to do his job.

The government read all his mail and he knew it. He used the same trick when the window in his “This is where you live” government assigned apartment was broken. Complaining to the management got nothing done. Complaining in a letter home got his window repaired.

Everything was rationed. To get a new roll of toilet paper, they had to take the cardboard tube to the apartment manager. To get food, they had to stand in endless lines. He tried to make an omelet once. Each ingredient meant a different line. And there was no guarantee the wait would get you the food. If they were out when you finally got to the front, too bad.

GREEN NEW DEAL: The full language


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  1. ♫ Here is the New Deal… /
    same as the Olde Deale… ♫

    AOC and the Democrats: Socialism! Socialism! More Socialism!

    Trump with a cheering crowd: America will never be a socialist country!

    The battle lines have never been clearer. What an amazing development. The next two years will determine the course of the rest of this century, and beyond.

    Say, chrissy, did I ask this already? What year did that Pope’s vision say the Big Meanie’s 100-year last chance was up? Wasn’t that… 2020?

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