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HOUSING CRISIS: ONE guess what is behind housing shortages? — Lower taxes and roll back the ridiculous rent control etc. that drive landlords and developers out, then watch how FAST people with money flock to create housing!

NORTHAM: If it weren’t for the Democrats’ TDS and constant use of the race card to push their destructive policies, Northam wouldn’t have to step down. Personally, I think it’s appalling the way people’s careers are destroyed over stupid stuff like this, especially when you consider the way Democrats lionized Senators “KKK” Byrd and “Left Mary Jo to drown” Kennedy.

DEMOCRATS: Don’t talk about infanticide, because RAAAACISM — In Liberal La La Land, Trump’s questioning Obama’s demonstrably forged birth certificates is JUST AS BAD as killing abortion survivors.

75% of Americans say abortion should be illegal or limited to the first trimester.

  • Republicans (92%)
  • Independents (78%)
  • Democrats (60%)
  • “Pro-choice” (61%)

Only 13% of Americans say abortion should be legal in the third trimester.

  • Democrats (18%)

Eight states and D.C. allow abortions after 20 weeks, but the number of clinics that actually do them has gone down. In 2016, there were 164. Now, there are 133. Current locations of clinics that abort into the second or third trimester, but their so-called limits depend entirely on how willing they are to correctly identify and enforce gestational age limits:

  1. Alaska and Vermont — up to 16 weeks;
  2. New Hampshire — up to 17 weeks;
  3. Oregon and New York — up to 24 weeks;
  4. New Jersey — up to 25 weeks;
  5. D.C. — up to 27 weeks;
  6. Colorado and New Mexico — up to 32 weeks and later on a “case by case basis.”

Viability is usually set at 24 weeks, survival requires lots of high tech medical care. Scientists have testified that fetuses definitely feel pain at 20 weeks.

IF IT’S ALREADY BANNED, WHY BLOCK THE BILL?— Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.) called for unanimous consent on his Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which provides protections for any infants born alive after attempted abortion procedures.

Democratic (and so-called Catholic) Senator Patty Murray of Washington was the ONLY Democrat present. She blocked it, allegedly because infanticide is already illegal, then left immediately after objecting. I’m sorry, but what? If it’s already illegal, then why block the bill? Obama blocked a similar bill in Illinois, saying it would create an intolerable burden for women seeking late term abortions.

Democrats have become (always were? KKK lynchings!) the Party of Death.

  1. Abortion on demand at any time and for any or no reason.
  2. Pro-life taxpayers should pay for abortions.
  3. Babies who have the gall to survive should be ignored or killed.
  4. Euthanasia should be legal.
  5. Assisted suicide should be legal.

Where does it end? REPUBLICANS should die? They’re already saying that wearing a MAGA hat in public is justification for being assaulted. Oddly enough, they think convicted criminals have a right to life and violent gang members (i.e., MS-13) carry the spark of divinity. But TRUMP is the destroying out country? ::smh::

DEMOCRAT THUGS: Today the Judiciary Committee was supposed to hold its hearing about Trump’s nominee, Neomi Rao, to fill Kavanaugh seat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Senate Democrats and liberal interest groups promise to tear her to shreds if she’s nominated. Their commitment to encourage and applaud women in high places does not extend to Republican women.

Made it Suck it

DEMOCRAT NEW YORK: In a Feb 4 tweet, NY Governor Cuomo wrote, “In New York estimated tax payments are $2.3 billion below forecast thanks to the politically-motivated assault on blue states through the federal tax code.”

Riiiiiiiiight. I’m so sure that falling tax income has NOTHING to do with New York’s politically-motivated assaults on business. God forbid you’d shrink the size of the state government or stop driving tax-revenue producers out of the state.

TRUMPING OBAMA: Trump’s approval rating is 2 points higher than Barack Obama’s was at this time in his presidency. This despite the fact that the MSM coverage of Trump is THREE TIMES more negative than it was for Obama. You know how feminists complain that women have to be twice as good to get the same credit as men? Hmph. Trump has to be THREE TIMES AS GOOD. And he’s doing it.

HAPPINESS: A Pew research study has found that people who are regularly religiously active are happier and more engaged in civic matters than people who are religiously unaffiliated or religiously inactive.

The Pew Research Center conducted surveys in more than two dozen countries to measure people’s happiness, health, and civic engagement in correlation to their religious involvement.

According to the results, “This analysis finds that in the U.S. and many other countries around the world, regular participation in a religious community clearly is linked with higher levels of happiness and civic engagement.”

ABORTION late term victim

LATE TERM ABORTION: How baby killers exploit the “maternal health” clause — This article talks about how George Tiller gamed the system to murder healthy, viable babies. It’s gruesome reading.

Here are just two examples.

  1. A 15-year old girl expressed disappointment that her third trimester pregnancy took the fun out of playing basketball and ruined her enjoyment of the game.  That earned her an abortion based on a diagnosis of “Major Depressive Disorder.”
  2. A 15-year old girl wanted to participate in a rodeo as a barrel rider, but could not because she was 26 weeks pregnant. That earned her an abortion based on a diagnosis of “Major Depressive Disorder.

Dr. Paul McHugh, Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Psychiatrist-In-Chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1975 to 2001 has stated, “There’s no psychological condition for which abortion is the cure.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson is SPOT ON while talking about Freedom of Speech!

LEFTISTS: Eating their own — Julia Beck is both a lesbian and a self-confessed “radical feminist.” She was booted from the Baltimore LGBTQ Commission because she referred to a male rapist as male even though he says he’s female. They placed this male rapist in a woman’s prison where he proceeded to rape more women.

VENEZUELAN’S RICH ELITE: Socialism is all about the 1% owning 99% of the wealth and power – Flashing a fist-full of dollars, posing with pop-stars or living it up in at world’s most lavish hotels – the rich kids of Venezuela’s socialist elite know nothing of the misery their parents have wreaked on their country. Socialist revolution leader Hugo Chavez’s oldest daughter Maria Gabriela (38) is rumored to have a personal fortune of more than 4 billion dollars, hidden in bank accounts Europe.

SOCIALISM professor

UNIVERSITY SOCIALISM: In a way, a professor’s tenured job security, health and retirement packages, plus months of vacay per year look a lot like a Socialist paradise. Of course, all that goes away if his university stops attracting enough donors and paying students to keep professors in the manner to which they are accustomed. Hmm … I wonder if that’s what’s behind the Democrat’s push for taxpayer funded college. Ya think?

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