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POST SHUT DOWN POLL: NBC/WSJ job performance approval-disapproval poll shows — The previous month’s poll was done ten days before the shutdown began. The only big shift was to Pelosi’s disapproval rating, which was at 41% before the shutdown.

  • Nancy Pelosi: 28% approval vs. 47% disapproval.
  • Donald Trump: 43% approval vs. 54% disapproval.

BABIES NO, BUGS YES: The Democratic Virginia delegate who has recently come under fire for sponsoring a bill in the Virginia House of Delegates that would allow the termination of a pregnancy up to 40 weeks old is also the chief patron of a bill that would ban the spraying of “any pesticide intended to suppress an infestation of the fall cankerworm during the period beginning March 1 and ending August 1.”


FBI RAID: Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday demanding the FBI brief the Committee on the pre-dawn raid of Roger Stone, particularly “the number of agents involved, the tactics employed” and if the FBI tipped off the press (CNN).”


STILL WANT TO BOYCOT ISRAELI? – Researchers there may have found a cure for cancer.

LESS JUICE: Consumer Reports tested 45 packaged fruit juices for heavy metals, like lead, arsenic, and cadmium and found measurable levels in every product. Children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of heavy metals, which can cause serious health problems, like kidney disease and certain types of cancer.

CATHOLICVOTE: The members of CatholicVote have raised $36,100 for Nick Sandmann and his family. The funds will be used to set up an educational trust for Nick and his younger siblings, who have also been directly affected by the left-wing zealots who targeted Nate and his Covington classmates out of their hatred for young Catholic men who support our President’s pro-life policies. (Source: CatholicVote email)

MOVIE REVIEW: I watched “Grace of Monaco” yesterday (2015, Nicole Kidman). I visited Monaco when I was 11 and saw Prince Renier drive by once, so I was excited to learn more about them. I really enjoyed the story, performances, costumes, and sets, but when I went to rate it at Netflix, I took time to read the top review, which I hadn’t done before. The STORY is total fiction! Argh!!!! I have enough trouble separating reality from all the fake news that’s around. A historical drama that purports to be “based on real events” that ISN’T BASED ON REAL EVENTS (just on real characters) just makes me mad. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 only because Kidman is GORGEOUS as the lovely Grace Kelly and the clothes are absolutely yummy. But I honestly wish I’d never seen it. :0/

TISSUE ALERT and LOL: This groom is so blessed to have a father-in-law like this!

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