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TEA: I just learned something useful. After my kidneys failed in 2016 (they’re doing much better now, thank you!), I switched from coffee to tea. Lately, I’ve been trying to cut down on the caffeine by alternating my favorite black tea with a variety of herbals. I’ve discovered I ❤ rooibos (aka, red bush) tea, which is the preferred beverage of Precious Ramotswe, one of my favorite female detectives.

Recently, I purchased some jasmine tea, which I thought would be a gourmet treat, but the first time I made it, it tasted unpleasantly bitter. But then I was reading a new series of murder mysteries that are set in a tea shop. The master brewer was giving a lesson and mentioned that delicate teas like jasmine should not be brewed for more than 2 minutes tops. He also explained that the right time to pour the boiling water is when the tiny bubbles are starting to give way to big bubbles.

I just brewed a cup of jasmine the right way. It was delicate, aromatic, and flavorful. Just delightful! And speaking of delightful … watch this.

BUZZFEED STORY COLLAPSES: Media mourns — Buzzfeed published a FAKE NEWS story that allegedly came from a leaker on the Mueller team. It accused Trump of telling his lawyer to lie to Congress. The media was giddy with joy as they repeated the damaging lie. But then, oh noes, Robert Mueller said Buzzfeed’s story was “not accurate.” William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection recounts the stages of the media’s grief.

  1. Denial: Buzzfeed is standing by its story.
  2. Anger: Lots of “This makes us all look bad!” “People think we’re dishonest and biased and that’s not faaaaaaaair!”
  3. Bargaining: But, but, but it’s TRUMP! But, but, but RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!
  4. Depression: They won’t get there until November 2020 when (okay, if) Trump wins. Until then, the media is too focused on taking out Trump to allow for depression. But when it happens, it’s going to make their November 2016 meltdowns look tame in comparison.
  5. Acceptance: ::Crickets::

LIBERAL TOLERANCE: The brother of the falsely accused Covington Catholic HS student says their family is receiving threats, business trashed online. 

Going by the tweets, left-wing SJWs don’t much CARE whether or not the Covington kid was falsely accused or that he and his family are suffering as a result of their hate-mongering. HE WAS WEARING A MAGA HAT! HE HAD IT COMING TO HIM!

According to Democrat tweet pundit (and who-has-seen-her-in-anything-lately actress) Alyssa Milano, “The MAGA hat is the new white hood.” Ummmmm … I’m guessing Alyssa does not know that KKK hoods were worn by Democrats who were intent on anonymously lynching Republican voters.

But no matter! Two groups have already planned protests at the high school and SJWs in general seem to be very eager to jump on the idea that it’s a moral imperative for them to harass, assault, lie about, and dox anyone who shamelessly appears in public wearing anything pro-Trump. Even if they’re teen-agers who didn’t do anything wrong. Or they’re teen-agers who just go the same school as the kids who didn’t do anything wrong. Cuz, you know, Coexist! Also, First Amendment! Or something.

Meanwhile, Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist who started all the brouhaha, has been changing his story day by day. His original story was that he had felt threatened by the teens who allegedly had swarmed around him. When multiple videos show he had walked up to their group and gotten in their faces, he changed his story. Yes, he had approached the students, but oh my goodness, Catholic students are super scary, he had done his best to leave, he was just trying to go up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (somehow not noticing that there is a clear path up those steps approximately ten feet to his right). Then, oh right, the kids were “attacking” four black individuals” and he just needed to do the right thing. Maybe if he told the truth the first time, he wouldn’t have so much trouble keeping his story straight.

Thankfully, the prosecutor for the area where the high school is has publicly warned those threatening violence that this is a FELONY that they do not take lightly.

COVINGTON CONGRESSMAN: Unlike far too many, he reserved judgment and comment until after he’d reviewed all the video footage 

“The honorable and tolerant students of Covington Catholic School came to DC to advocate for the unborn and to learn about our nation’s Capitol. What they got was a brutal lesson in the unjust court of public opinion and social media mobs. … In the face of racist and homosexual slurs, the young boys refused to reciprocate or disrespect anyone. Even when taunted by homophobic bigots, which was obviously bewildering to them, they insulted no one. … In the context of everything that was going on (which the media hasn’t shown) the parents and mentors of these boys should be proud, not ashamed, of their kids’ behavior. It is my honor to represent them. “ — Rep. Thomas Massie (the school is in his district)

2019_01 20 trump

2019_01 nancy v trump by branco

TRUMP ISNT’ GOING AWAY: Excerpts from Rich Lowry at National Review — “He’s going to quit.” “He’s going to be impeached and removed.” “He’s going to decide not to run again.” This is the perpetual backdrop to media commentary about Trump.

But the velocity of the news cycle, driven in part by the sheer volume and pace of Trump controversies, works in his favor. Who remembers any of it now?

Despite media reports that Trump is perpetually furious and feeling besieged, he has never shown the slightest brittleness or sense of being overwhelmed in public. He’s always his same ebullient, combative, outrageous self.

He’s the least likely president to get worn down by an impeachment fight. What would discourage or deflate the normal human energizes him. The same applies even more to his running for reelection.

2019_01 nancy v trump by ramirez

FROM SEVEN DWARFS TO TWENTY SMURFS: Matthew Continetti at National Reviews examines the lackluster field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. He says Beto is not just “the slightly flaky, out-of-work husband of a real-estate heiress”, but also typical of “the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the likely Democratic contenders.” ::gigglingmadly::

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  1. Harris strongly supports “familial DNA searchingˮ in which police take DNA samples from crime scenes and compare them to existing databases to look for not just any direct matches in criminal databases, but any familial matches.
  2. Harris supported a bill in California that would have allowed prosecutors to seize an accused person’s assets if there was merely a “substantial probability” that person might eventually be prosecuted.
  3. In April 2018, Harris urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to reduce funding for beds in the federal immigration system and to reject calls to hire more Border Patrol personnel.
  4. Read the rest at National Review.

PRAGER U: What is a millionaire? — According to the definition given, my folks were millionaires. Until Pop passed and then Mom had to go into a nursing home, they lived in a 2.5 bedroom/one bathroom house with a 2-car garage. Like the 79% of all millionaires, they had not inherited a dime. They also fit the other myth-busters explained in the video. Gosh, my folks were millionaires! I had no idea!

2019_01 21 not worth 15 an hour

HARDLY SURPRISING: Who woulda thunk? — Despite the rosy picture NYC Mayor DeBlasio painted about the recently enacted mandatory $15/hour minimum wage, 87% of full-service restaurants have been forced to raise prices, 75% have had to cut employee hours, and 47% have had to eliminate jobs.

ROYAL DANISH NAVY: Helicopter landing on choppy seas — Wow! Chopper pilots amaze me.


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