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2019_01 21 jasmine tea

TEA: I just learned something useful. After my kidneys failed in 2016 (they’re doing much better now, thank you!), I switched from coffee to tea. Lately, I’ve been trying to cut down on the caffeine by alternating my favorite black tea with a variety of herbals. I’ve discovered I ❤ rooibos (aka, red bush) tea, which is the preferred beverage of Precious Ramotswe, one of my favorite female detectives.

Recently, I purchased some jasmine tea, which I thought would be a gourmet treat, but the first time I made it, it tasted unpleasantly bitter. But then I was reading a new series of murder mysteries that are set in a tea shop. The master brewer was giving a lesson and mentioned that delicate teas like jasmine should not be brewed for more than 2 minutes tops. He also explained that the right time to pour the boiling water is when the tiny bubbles are starting to give way to big bubbles. Continue reading


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The Marches: Compare and Contrast

JANUARY 18: The 46th March for Life protested the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion throughout America. Below is a small selection of the posters they carried.

2019_01 life march birthmom

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