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2019_01 19 nonno w mascots

MASCOTS: Dearest was going to come home yesterday, but the snow, snow, and more snow. I’ve got power, food, and internet, so I’m fine. And the mascots clearly aren’t minding more time with Nonno! I haven’t heard about their weather yet this morning; looking out my own window revealed a solid blanket of snow as far as the eye could see. They were able to get to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore yesterday, but plan to stay home after Mass today and continue letting Nonno doze off as desired. The march really wore him out. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, so no DC traffic; he’s planning to get up early and drive home in time to dig me out before it gets dark. Our wonderful neighbor took his big snow blower to our driveway, but there’s still 18″ blocking both doors and the front path that I absolutely should not even attempt to shovel.

2019_01 19 dino

2019_01 19 bed of nails

BUZZFEED REPORT: Leaks and lies — A Thursday report by Buzzfeed accused Trump of directing his then-personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. The report said Mueller’s investigators learned about it “through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents.” IOW, through leaks from Mueller’s office.

Trump spokespeople denied the charges as “categorically false” and “absolutely ridiculous.” No other news organization was able to confirm the report nearly 24 hours after it’s publication. Only after several prominent news organizations expressed skepticism about the report did Mueller also deny the charges.

Hannity says he has a list of fake news stories from 2017 alone that fill 47 printed pages. The Left Stream Media has never been held accountable for any of them; they just move from one to the next to the next. “It’s as low as I’ve ever seen.” -Mark Levin

2019_01 16 birdbrains by branco - wall

NO DACA AMNESTY: Democrats refuse yet another Trump compromise — President Donald Trump gave Democrats a new proposal to end the shutdown and secure our southern border. A senior House Democratic aide said Democrats do not consider the plan an acceptable compromise, because it includes full funding for the wall. IOW, they’re doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on their “no wall” thing. Morons. I hope this comes back to bite them in the ass in 2020.

SENATOR CRUZ: Rips into his Democratic counterparts for refusing to offer anything during shutdown negotiations.

DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO COMPROMISE: Judge Jeannine is even snarkier and more angry than usual, which is saying something! LOL — “President Trump has been at the White House virtually every day working and waiting, and trying to make a deal bending, compromising and offering solutions. [The Dems] not only disrespect him, they sometimes don’t even show up. They’ve refused his every overture, put a stake in the ground, proving that politics are more important than putting people back to work.” … “Donate Congressional salaries to those who aren’t getting one.” Now THERE’S an idea! Watch this to the end. LOL

A BARRIER: They say it is what they need more than anything. In my humble opinion, what the people working the border say should count more than what Democrats in DC say.

DUMBOCRAT SOLUTION: Nancy thinks we’d be fine if we just scanned cars coming through legal ports of entry. Well, all righty, then! Meanwhile … poor Speaker Nancy, deprived of her on-demand military transport, was spotted flying commercial, maybe to spend the week-end at home. Cry me a river.

ELITISM ON DISPLAY: When it comes to her own precious self, nothing is too good for Fancy Nancy — WordPress can’t seem to decide whether or not to load this. If there’s no long text graphic here, click on the link. It’s a report on how much $$ Pelosi has spent on military flights for herself and her nearest and dearest.

PRAGER U: The GOP was founded to end slavery. The Democratic Party fought to preserve it. Democrats keep talking about Trump’s “racist” wall. But we’re not the ones who fought to keep blacks in chains. They were.

2a gun free zone sign

SHOCK, NOT: Funny thing how the “we’re alllll about science” Democrats ignore factual evidence showing that taking guns away from law abiding citizens is stupid.

  1. GUN CONTROL LAWS DON’T WORK — A study conducted by the Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that California’s strict gun control laws had absolutely zero impact.
  2. CRIMINALS USE ILLEGAL GUNS — The DOJ did a survey on 300,000 inmates who used firearms in their crime and found that 97% of the firearms used in their crimes had come from the black market.

2019_01 17 march walsh

FAKE NEWS: Because tolerance — The same far left media that ran with the junk Buzzfeed report on Friday is now smearing a group of pro-life, Catholic high school kids in MAGA hats who were in DC for the March for Life. They had gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial and were chanting school cheers while they waited for the rest of their group to arrive.

Some Native American guy decided they were offensive and got all up in one boy’s face, screaming at him and beating his drum. On Saturday, the fake news media blamed the students, saying they had harassed the Native American man. But video of the event shows the exact opposite was true.

Even worse, the liberal fascist mob doxxed the high school boy that the drummer singled out. One of them even offered a bounty to anyone who would punch the boy in the genitals. (Dox: release personal details.)

One of the students has written to the news, begging them to tell the truth.

DERPOCRATS: Occasional-Cortex strikes again. — In this video, she expresses Xtreme Dudgeon that “Mitch” isn’t in any of the places he’s supposed to be. Except, he was in the place he was supposed to be where she didn’t go. Oops. Plus, you know, “Alex from the Bronx” (or is it “Sandy from Yorktown”?), did you by any chance NOTICE that YOUR leader, Nancy Pelosi, was all set to go to EUROPE FOR A WEEK (until Trump canceled her military flight)?

BEN SHAPIRO: Correcting a self-proclaimed socialist who doesn’t know what he’s talking about — The guy says he rejects state socialism, but supports worker cooperatives. Shapiro says they are not an example of socialism, because they are voluntary. IOW, they are capitalism at its finest.

2019_01 16 lack of masculinity

BABYLON BEE: Least masculine society in human history decides masculinity is a growing threat — “As society becomes increasingly dominated by nerds, hipsters, and computer programmers, people have fixated on what they think is our biggest problem: masculinity.” I remember reading somewhere that, rather than strive for balance, societies often demonize the one thing that is least present.

2019_01 20 hoodies


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    ARGH!! WordPress keeps inserting massive white spaces where I don’t want them. I keep taking them out. It keeps putting them back. My apologies.


    • Looking at the source code, your blank blocks are just a series of paragraphs with nothing but a “necessary blank space” character in each paragraph. Perhaps you’re copying that from your sources?


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Nope. This big, white spaces thing only happens sometimes after I make an edit in a blog after I’ve uploaded all the graphics and videos and tweets.

        My system is to compile everything in a doc file with supplemental graphics in jpgs, then do my colors and bolding and spacing before copy/pasting the whole shebang to the WordPress write page.

        Then, I go through it and replace my graphic notes with the graphic uploads and activate the videos and tweets by cutting, then pasting the URLs back to the same spot. Dunno why, but they won’t activate until I do that.

        The problem appears if I find a boo boo after I’ve posted. One time when I wasn’t already too tired by the end (which I was yesterday), I deleted the entire post and loaded it all over again fresh.

        I guess I just need to be more careful with proofing my doc file before I start getting WordPress involved at all.

        Thanks for checking!

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  2. red

    The Catholic kids were singing with the old man, not harassing him. We want the wall far more than you do. America has a half-million slaves, Mexico 8 million. Most are Native Americans. BTW, what snow? I go out in the morning and loo east and don’t see any, not even on the mountains… 🙂


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You’re welcome to the big pile blocking my front door! 🙂


      • We could use some here. Does UPS ship snow?

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      • red

        Can you put it in storage till next Christmas, then send it? It looks really cool when we use it to decorate the palms and saguaro. It’s so rare, kids ask to touch it, then giggle.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          My middle daughter loves winter. But she married a dyed-in-the-wool Texan who hates it. They met in a snowy parking lot on their mutual first minutes at Fort Drum in northern NY. He was VERY grumpy about being stationed so far north. It didn’t help that he was in a walking cast and, being Texan, had no idea about that cut off sock thing, so his toes were freezing.

          But when she pulled into the parking spot next to his, he thought, “At least there are some pretty girls here.” 🙂

          He let her have the winter wedding she had dreamed about since she was 10, provided she agree to settle permanently in Texas. She wisely took the wedding deal, since there was no chance he was going to settle anywhere but Texas regardless!

          ONE time so far, they have had a dusting of snow outside their house. Quick, before the sun hit it, she ran out into the yard and made a snow angel. LOL

          Every time they come for a visit, she prays for “dry roads and enough snow to play in.”

          God must really like her a lot, cuz she seems to get her wish every trip. This latest trip, she and the kids got to go snow tubing. 🙂

          When they visited big sister in Alaska, the only thing she really wanted was to see the Northern Lights. And she did. Maybe He appreciates how appreciative she is. Mama Buzz reported that jumped up and down, whooping and hollering her thanks while the lights danced overhead! 🙂