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Media Astonished to Learn Christian School Teaches Christian Beliefs

From The Babylon Bee.

U.S.—News media outlets around the country were reportedly astonished to discover a Christian school at which second lady Karen Pence is teaching holds their students and staff to Christian beliefs.

Expert journalists went to great lengths to uncover this story, unveiling the shocking revelation that a Christian woman teaches at a Christian school that affirms Christian doctrine on human sexuality that has been unchanged for 2,000 years.

“It is the current year, and Christian schools still have the nerve to teach Christian things,” said a CNN commentator. “I will now glare at the camera in silence for the remainder of the program so you know just how upset I am by this.” He only lasted 3 minutes, however, before going on a tirade about something Trump said on Twitter.

“We don’t hate Christians,” said a writer for one left-leaning blog. “We just hate Christians who believe Christian things.”

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Bits & Bytes

2019_01 18 d&l at march for life

MARCH FOR LIFE: Dearest and Mama Buzz are  among the thousands marching for life. Currently texting good signs:

  • “If bacteria is life on Mars, shouldn’t a heartbeat be life on Earth?”
  • “Make womb for life.”
  • “Conceived in Rape. I love my life.”

And good news … the Catholic University of America has canceled classes in order to free students and faculty to attend the march. Please pray for good weather and no violence! Continue reading


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God’s Artistry

Around sunrise on January 14, Dearest and I were awed by the most exquisite beauty. Every branch was individually flocked with sparkly snow. And as the sun rose, the light and shadows shifted to create ever new patterns. We both tried to capture a bit of the glory with our cameras, with rather disappointing results. The photos are pretty … but the reality was literally breathtaking.

2019_01 14 god's artistry a

2019_01 14 god's artistry b

2019_01 14 god's artistry e

2019_01 14 god's artistry c

2019_01 14 god's artistry d

2019_01 14 god's artistry f


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