The Wall

JUDGE JEANNINE: “The President has been sitting in the Oval Office since Christmas eve. He’s ready. If the Democrats aren’t coming to the table, the time to declare a national emergency is now.”

NEW CARAVAN FORMING: A new migrant caravan is forming in Central America, with plans to leave on Tuesday. The Mexican government plans to do a much better job of keeping these people out than they did last time, with control at entry points plus guards at 370 illegal crossing points. People will be allowed into the country legally if they apply for visas.

JUDGE JEANNINE: “It would take me 15 minutes to get a deal done if the Democrats come to the table.” – President Trump

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STATUS QUO WILL NOT CUT IT: “There is a humanitarian and security crisis at our southwest border. It is getting worse, and a ‘status quo’ response from Congress — inadequate authorities, insufficient funds and indifference to the chaos — will not cut it.”Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen in USA Today

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JUDGE JEANNINE: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy talks about the government shutdown & border wall.

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LISTEN UP, DEMOCRATS: “I won the election, and I promised safety and security for the American people. Part of that promise was a Wall at the Southern Border. Elections have consequences!” – President Trump, Jan 12, 2019

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ONE GUESS WHY THIS IS: “There has been no polling data that we could find anywhere following Trump’s speech. There weren’t any Frank Luntz focus groups with any undecideds out there. They didn’t gather any Trump voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and ask them if they’re still behind Trump. The media didn’t do any of the stuff they usually do. We have no idea what the valued and very wise independents thought of Trump’s speech.” – Rush Limbaugh, Jan 11, 2019

THE DAILY CALLER: CNN is usually critical of President Donald Trump’s border wall, but in a recent video, he accidentally highlights its success.

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