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2019_01 10 texans welcome trump

PRESIDENT TRUMP ON HIS WAY TO VISIT THE BORDER: “There is no reason we can’t come to a deal but we have another side that doesn’t care about border security. The Democrats, which I’ve been saying all along, they don’t give a damn about crime. They don’t care about gang members coming in and stabbing people and cutting people up.”

ANA NAVARRO NEEDS A HEART TRANSPLANT: A perfect example of what Trump said above. They. Don’t. Give. A. Damn. — I still remember all the giant crocodile tears the lefties like her shed in 2007 and 2008 over our troops who had been wounded or killed in “Bush’s ‘stupid’ war.” The minute Obama got into office, their alleged concern for deployed soldiers went out the window. This appalling lack of concern for victims of illegal alien crimes is more of the same. If the crime can’t be spun to advance their agendas, then they don’t care.

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OBAMA SAID THERE WAS A “HUMANITARIAN CRISIS AT THE BORDER”: He called for legislators to fix our immigration system. — They haven’t done a thing. Meanwhile, the problems have only gotten worse and, while Swamp Republicans in the past were way too hand-in-glove with Democrats on the “ignore it” thing, now most Republicans are responding to Trump’s courageous leadership while Democrats are filing their nails, rolling their eyes, and singing, “Nananana, nananana, I can’t hear you.”

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CITIZEN END RUN: Private businesses and volunteers are pitching in to keep America’s national parks open and clean. It is a far cry from Obama’s shutdown when he assigned paid government workers to install fences around open air memorials, then stand guard to keep people out.

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DEMOCRAT END RUN: House Democrats are trying to get around Trump’s budget/wall thing by passing bills to fund individual departments and agencies. So far, only eight Republicans have voted with Democrats on these bills, a sign that the GOP is sticking with President Trump in his battle to pressure Congress into paying for a border wall. And when the bills got to the Senate, McConnell blocked them.

2018_05 25 yuma fence

YUMA’S WALL: 95% decrease — Yuma County in Arizona shares 126 miles of border with Mexico. The Yuma Border Patrol Sector used to be the worst in the country for illegal crossing; now it is the a poster-child for the effectiveness of a border fence.

In 2005, before the fence, more than 2,700 vehicles crossed the Colorado River and open deserts, loaded with illegal immigrants and drugs. Mass incursions often left agents outnumbered 50 to 1. Agents were assaulted with rocks and weapons daily.

Following the Secure Fence Act of 2006, Yuma tripled manpower and added mobile surveillance, as well as fencing and vehicle barriers. Yuma went from having 5.2 miles of fencing to 63 miles, and subsequently saw an almost 95 percent decrease in border apprehensions by 2009.

This is the kind of information that Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Ana Navarro refused to even LISTEN to. But it’s the kind of information we should ALL be hearing.

Ex-Marine and Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot, says, “We all too often see interviews in Washington [with] mayors and governors but, no offence, they are not the ones that are down here on the border. They are not the ones that are investigating the crimes. They are not the ones out here when it’s 120 degrees, processing a crime scene where 14 people were left to die in the desert.”

Wilmot has witnessed it all in his 30-plus years with the sheriff’s department. He knows a vulture will peck a human body down to nothing but bone, because he has seen it. He knows bandits follow the smugglers over the border and rape the women before running back to Mexico, because he is left with the victims. He knows the cartels will commit any crime to get drugs and humans across the border.

It makes me sick to my stomach to hear Democrats weep and wail about diversity, microaggressions and the non-existent pay gap. Where are all these hypocrites when it comes to the WOMEN and CHILDREN who are being exploited, raped, sold into slavery, and murdered because Democrats refuse to fix our border?

MEGA SNARK FROM TUCKER CARLSON: He tears Acosta to pieces — Acosta also got spanked on Twitter.

  • Sarah Sanders tweeted: When I went with President @realDonaldTrump to the border today I never imagined @Acosta would be there doing our job for us and so clearly explaining why WALLS WORK. Thanks Jim!
  • Former CNN reporter Peter Hambly tweeted: I am *shocked* that a glib video, customized for re-tweets and filmed in broad daylight along one of the more secure parts of the RGV by a reporter who parachuted in for the day, did not reveal anything dramatic.
  • National radio host Buck Sexton tweeted: Is it possible Acosta is actually a pro-Trump false flag operating under deep cover in the media? If so, he’s a genius.

Meanwhile, at a part of the border that Acosta did NOT go visit, this happened:

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“NO COMPROMISE” WILL COST DEMOCRATS: President Trump said in his White House broadcast “To those who refuse to compromise in the name of border security, I would ask: imagine if it was your child, your husband, or your wife, whose life was so cruelly shattered and totally broken?”

In their response, Schumer and Pelosi were “partisan and petty. … [They] failed to use the one word that millions of Americans were longing to hear — compromise. But Trump did. That is why the president won the night. Schumer and Pelosi appealed to their base, while Trump made an effective appeal to persuadable Americans.

“Until now, Trump has owned the 18-day government shutdown that prompted this address, because he’s the one who started it. But if Democrats continue to attack him, and won’t entertain any compromise, soon the shutdown will be all theirs — because they’re the ones who have refused to end it.”

2019_01 10 build the wall

BEREAVED BROTHER WANTS WALL: House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith, D-Wash., says Trump’s call for the wall is rooted in “xenophobia and racism.” Ooookay!

Well, I guess that horrible racist Trump was not the guy in the video, then? Cuz THAT guy was gracious, warm, generous, and very kind to the dark-skinned immigrant from India.

HORRIBLE THINGS THE GOVERNMENT HAS FUNDED: Dems are refusing to fund the border wall, so Caleb Hill tweeted a list of insane things government has funded without any Democrats getting all outraged or stompy footed.

‣ $3,000,000 for World of Warcraft: tax $ funded UC Irvine researchers’ screen time
‣ $800,000 on studying significance of genital-washing

‣ $2,500,000 on a Super Bowl commercial that was so terribly produced that it was banned after it aired
‣ $1,000,000 on Zoo Poetry: “increasing environmental awareness” by creating poetry in four different zoos
‣ $175,000,000 on buildings that have been vacant for years

‣ $765,828 on pancakes: tax dollars subsidized an IHOP in an “under-served” area of DC
‣ $442,340 studying behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam
‣ $168,766 studying monkeys who throw their poop
‣ $914,000 studying romance novels: topics included “Team Edward or Jacob?”

‣ $5,000,000 studying the drinking habits of college students on game days
‣ $5,000,000 on hipster parties with the goal of ending smoking
‣ $2,000,000 for the Department of Agriculture to fund an internship program. The program hired ONE full-time intern.

‣ $300,000 to encourage Americans to consume caviar made in Idaho
‣ $200,000 on a “tattoo removal progam” in CA
‣ $60,000 for the IRS to create a parody film of Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island
‣ $1M per year for NASA to create food menu for Mars mission that is decades away

‣ $202,000 to determine if Wikipedia is sexist
‣ $242,600 to study effects of cocaine on honey bees
‣ $4,900,000 to dress students up in fruit costumes and encourage them to eat healthy
‣ $495,000 on commercials to create jobs that never created any jobs

‣ $250M training 60 Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State
‣ $10M on creating two video games aimed at fighting obesity (FOR REAL)
‣ $900,000 studying social interactions of guppies
‣ $6.3M for VA facility in California to buy artwork

‣ $10M to studying dog tail wagging
‣ $325,000 to build a robot squirrel
‣ $2.5M on coasters for bars that say “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING”
‣ $31M on first class flights in 4 years for the Department of Health and Human Services alone

‣ $1.3M studying effectiveness of koozies keeping drinks cold
‣ $100M to clean up environmental mess that Environmental Protection Agency created
‣ $387,000 studying the effect of swedish massages on rabbits
‣ $5M on tweeting responses to pro-ISIS rhetoric


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  1. Pistol Pete

    They know they can’t bully Trump and that pisses them off. The longer this debacle the more stories of human tragedy you’ll see brought to you by the media whores. The aim is to panic the spineless yellow coward republicans into giving in. My own pathetic excuse of a congressman,Adam Kinzinger has already caved.The dems are getting support in the Senate from the usual suspects,Graham,Murkowski,Collins,Alexander and Romney.When the House impeaches the president,and they surely will,don’t be surprised if these backstabbing pricks don’t side with Schumer.


  2. You put a lot of work into that report. Thanks.

    You know, it’s funny about big numbers. Trump says he needs five billion and change for the wall.

    I just roughly added up all those “Horrible things the government has funded” amounts, and they totaled less than half a billion. Still need five billion.

    Throw in the $20M from the GoFundMe. Still need five billion.

    Billions be big.


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  4. Pistol Pete

    If you recall,I pointed this out a long time ago. Somebody had to replace McCain.
    CBS News in Talks to Hire Former Sen. Jeff Flake